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    DevOps role in a modern company - how to accelerate your business with DevOps practices
    Find out why DevOps is one of the best ways to run an IT project. Read what NATEK Expert has to say about this methodology.
    Marta Slupecka
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    Career Stories: Find a job that supports your passions outside of work
    Wojtek Pączek has been a crucial part of NATEK for over 5 years. He’s not only an expert in his field of project management, but also a passionate sportsman and an inspiration for many NATEK initiatives.
    Marta Slupecka
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    Cybersecurity in banking - how to prevent cyber threats
    We live in the times of the fourth industrial revolution, which is characterized by a high pace of development...
    Dorian Checinski
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    IT Project Manager - develop your project with a NATEK Expert
    In IT projects and in sports to reach the finish line and win, you need to follow certain guidelines and steps.
    Marta Slupecka
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    NATEK in the TOP200 ranking of leading IT companies in Poland by Computerworld!
    The Computerworld magazine has published its annual TOP200 ranking, in which it assesses the Polish Information and Communications...
    Marta Slupecka
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    NATEK Career Stories: Stability doesn't mean boredom – it brings you peace of mind
    Przemysław Ornatowski’s career at NATEK has begun 4 years ago, and since then he showed time...
    Marta Slupecka

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