Wojtek Pączek has been a crucial part of NATEK for over 5 years. He’s not only an expert in his field of project management, but also a passionate sportsman and an inspiration for many NATEK initiatives.

How did his career at our company started? What keeps him motivated even in the most challenging moments? Find out by reading the interview below.

We’ve just celebrated your 5th anniversary in August. Congratulations! Time flies fast, doesn't it?

It sure does! It's a period when I was able to become a full-time Member of NATEK Team. Even though at the beginning of my journey here I was working strictly with our Customer, after a while I started to feel progressively stronger bond with people from my project as well as other coworkers. Today it’s hard for me to imagine a better group of Teammates.

How did it all start? How did you join NATEK?

I was convinced to apply for job here by my friend. He joined NATEK few months prior and then recommended me for the position of Project Manager to one of the projects running in NATEK. It wasn’t a success on the first try though. After the recruitment interview, I had a list of gaps in my CV that I needed to fill in. So, I began a dedicated training and tried again for the position. I got my second chance, and after a few months I was chosen to join the NATEK Team and work on our Customer’s project. So, I am a living example of our Referral Program.

What was your first project in NATEK?

I started working for the company from the Telco industry and I’m involved in cooperation with this Customer till this day. I take care of projects for the Mobile Network Operators where we deploy platforms and tools to manage the SIM cards and virtual SIM cards (e-SIMs). Recently it has been a hot topic on the market.

Before NATEK, I’ve been working for the biggest telecom equipment vendors, so it was natural for me to be part of the project, which is also related to the telecom industry.

Currently you are also a Service Delivery Manager. What persuaded you to take on this role?

Originally, I've been working 100% of the time for the Customer’s project and I was not necessary involved in NATEK internal processes and communicating with other NATEK departments. But once the opportunity for the role of Service Delivery Manager was offered to me by our HR Team, I decided to take it. I thought this could bring a new perspective on how to improve my management skills and develop in a new, exciting direction. I knew the Team and I had good relations with the Customer, so I was a suitable candidate for this position. Of course, I had to pass the recruitment process (luckily, I succeeded). The beginnings weren’t easy, but I was working with people from my Team, and it definitely helped in acclimating to the new responsibilities.

What part of the job is the most challenging for you?

Managing people comes with its difficulties, especially in the communication field. But thanks to the managed team model that we use in NATEK getting connected with my Teammates (and the Customer) and understanding them is much easier. I’ve learned that as a Project Manager I need to be able to speak out my mind clearly as well as listen closely. So, whenever I can sense a conflict or complications on the horizon, I act immediately.

What keeps you motivated at work?

There are a few motivators for me. First: I was lucky I was assigned to my project. I enjoy the cooperation with the Customer, who is incredibly supportive and never leaves us with any issues alone. I also find the subject and the tasks in my position incredibly fascinating.

The 2nd motivator for me is the atmosphere in NATEK and a deeper understating of how important self-development is. NATEK always supports my sports initiatives, that’s why I'm proud to be able to represent our company in numerous sport events in Poland and abroad.

And finally, it’s about great people. From the Recruitment Team, Operations Team, Marketing Team, Employer Branding Team, and everyone else! I really enjoy working with all of them.

As you have mentioned, you’re well known in NATEK as an active sports person. How did this passion come about?

I usually sit in front of the computer for 8 hours per day, which is not great for my backbone and overall condition. Some time ago I even started to have some back pain. I was recommended by the doctor to exercise more to strengthen the core muscles. I started going to the gym and swimming in the pool to start moving a little bit and I cycled to work almost every day. The more I practiced, the more I started to enjoy it. And here I am right now. I’ve reached the level where I’m not afraid of doing marathons or full triathlons. That’s why I believe it’s never too late to start loving sport and giving your body the exercise it deserves – and then turn it into a passion.

What do you value the most at NATEK?

For me personally, the most valuable thing is a sense of stability. At NATEK there are plenty of various positions and types of projects. I know that even if one project ends, I can count on being assigned to another one in no time. I can see every day that this company is joined by friendly, professional people, who bring the positive attitude and help in increasing the growth of our organization.

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