There are plenty of challenges that our customers must go through in order to use the Cloud in an efficient and profitable way. From building a proper business case to analyzing current infrastructure. What are the crucial decisions they need to make? Rehosting, retiring and refactoring the applications – all that needs to be established based on reliable data. NATEK offers tools and an experienced Team of Specialists that will help you in choosing the best Cloud migration options for your business .

The benefits of Cloud services became evident over the years. It provides your company with easy and cost-effective access to applications and resources, without the need for hardware or internal infrastructure. We are aware of the budget-related challenges that your company might be facing when choosing this long-term solution. Our team is here to guide you through the migration process and achieve a smooth transition to the cloud.

NATEK’s Team of world-class experts supports will support you in building proper Cloud migration process, aligned with your business objectives, and will accompany you in every step of the planned cloud migration strategy.

Cloud Migration

Are you creating your strategy for relocating organizational data, applications, and workloads to the Cloud? An experienced Team to support the migration and post-implementation operations is crucial. NATEK’s specialists are experts in migrating on-premise infrastructure to Cloud as well as migrations between different cloud providers.

Discover & assess

  • Update of your CMDB
  • Application readiness assessment
  • Building Business Case and ensuringcloud becomes strategic part ofcompany’s goals


  • Setting up roadmap for Cloudmigration
  • Ensure resource capacity
  • Developing particular strategy for applications and infrastructure

Migration process

  • Migration of the data and application
  • Replatform or refactor applications
  • Implement DevOps

Operate and

  • Operate and continously improve your efficiency
  • Scale your infrastructure
  • High-availability
  • Monitoring the Cloud environment


Cloud Technologies:
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Migration tools

Managed Cloud

NATEK offers a place, where you can deploy and run your applications in a controlled, secure way, without worrying about the infrastructure.

Our Managed Cloud Platform is a highly available, secure, and scalable Azure Landing Zone, backed with Layer 1 / Layer 2 Managed Services, deployed in our or customer’s environment.

We also offer Managed security service, which monitors your infrastructure, applications and organization towards security threats and vulnerabilities.

NATEK provides Kubernetes as a managed service, offering customers a highly scalable and reliable platform for deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications in the Cloud.

Customer product integration

Business case

In our Delivery Centers, for our international client, we created a highly specialized, fully functioning IT Team responsible for an extensive scope of its business.


Scope of the project

Installation and integration of applications using Ansible software and by implementing automatic test and validation mechanisms like Gitlab-CI, Docker, or SoapUI.



Over 50% of engineers are outperforming and greatly exceeding our client’s expectations



Integrating custom applications and platform deployment for mobile network operators and creating automation scripts.



Integration Engineers, Integration Leads and Project Managers


4 Hours

Decrease in time for installation and integration from 40 hours to 4 hours


Other services

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