Emil Jasiński began his adventure with NATEK over 2 years ago, and since then he has been constantly improving his skill set as one of our best Azure Architects. What brings him motivation at work, why he’s still with us, and what parts of his responsibilities does he enjoy the most? Read on to find out!

You’ve been with NATEK for 2,5 years. What was your career like at the beginning? What project did you start with?

I started as an Azure Consultant in a project for one of the big Nordic companies, focused on software development and cloud managed services. It was a real challenge because the company itself is a cloud service provider for hundreds of other companies and I had a chance to start supporting a few of them at once. 

And have you been taking care of the same project since then?

No. After a few months I moved to a new assignment. At NATEK once we are about to start a new cooperation with another Customer, we must go through a separate recruitment process. The reason behind it is that every company has a different scope of tasks and requirements, so they need to decide if our Consultant has the necessary experience and knowledge. For me, it took a couple of days to get the final callback.

Most projects I am involved in require an advanced background in Azure Identity, Security, Infrastructure and Active Directory as well as scripting and some DevOps

What made you want to seek a career in the IT industry?

I was a lecturer of English for many years. However, IT has always been my passion. So not only do I enjoy my responsibilities as an Azure Architect, but I also love to teach others about the technologies I use in my daily work. It brings me great satisfaction when I can share my experiences with others and explain seemingly complicated issues in a straightforward way.

Currently, I am continuing my professional development in IT, trying to deepen my knowledge about cloud infrastructure and architecture. At the same time, I use the experience that I have gained while working in my former teaching profession - especially in the field of communication and business relations. I am also interested in the subject of overlapping IT and business, i.e., project management and business process management.

What do you like the most about your current project?

The whole project brings me a lot of satisfaction thanks to the seamless cooperation with NATEK’s Customer. I feel like my work makes a real impact on the organization, and that all my goals are clearly established. I can see it any time the technology I helped to build is being used by the end users.

I think the passion for my job is reflected in my engagement in every task I am given, so the promotion from Azure Consultant to Azure Architect came to me quite fast. Being a subcontractor in NATEK means that you have a big chance to participate in the company's life and climb up the career ladder. I greatly appreciate it!

What else might have helped you to get this promotion?

I’ve always been very proactive and looked for more tasks to do. I wanted to learn new skills as fast as possible, and I believe practice is the best way to do it. At the beginning of my project, I was seeking new challenges, and I was not only taking care of Azure migration (which was my main responsibility), but also writing scripts and automating everyday tasks. Thanks to this, later on, it was easier for me to get noticed by NATEK and our Customer’s managers and receive new opportunities for development.

What motivates you at work?

I feel the most inspired when I can really help my customers fulfil their business goals thanks to my skill set. It can be done through solving a particular problem, offering cost-saving alternatives as well as increasing the overall performance of the company. Furthermore, exposure to various technologies helps me to stay focused on my career because I can see that there is always something new to learn. I can still find something that will fascinate me and bring a new value to my work.

What do you appreciate the most about working at NATEK? 

I have a large degree of autonomy in NATEK. When it comes to my projects, I am trusted as a Consultant to work independently with the Customer and decide on the best solutions. It gives me a great deal of self-esteem to achieve new goals, explore the latest updates in technologies and take control over my career path. I feel like I am responsible for my own success, and I have reached new levels of development thanks to the support from my NATEK Team.

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