In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where agility, efficiency, and continuous innovation are paramount, DevOps has emerged as a pivotal force driving the success of modern companies. DevOps, a combination of "development" and "operations," is not just a set of practices or tools - it represents a cultural shift that bridges the gap between development and IT operations teams.

How can your company benefit from the mentioned solutions, and why should you implement them with the Experts from NATEK Team? We asked this question to Bartłomiej Przytarski - Tech Lead Integration Engineer. He has been a part of NATEK Team for the past 5 years, and is using his experience in leading teams and integrating highly secure solutions in the project for one of our international Customers - a multinational company that designs, develops and manufactures electrical systems. Read on to find out what he has to say about DevOps!

Accelerating Software Project Delivery

DevOps brings fast, but most importantly effective, solutions to the process of software development. Previously, Developers Teams were often plagued by silos, manual handoffs, and slow-release cycles. DevOps breaks down these barriers by fostering collaboration between Development and Operations Teams. Through automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, DevOps accelerates the delivery of software and desired features. This speed is invaluable in staying ahead of the competition, meeting Customer demands, and adapting to market changes swiftly.

Bartłomiej Przytarski: “I had experiences where the team would initially refuse to work in a DevOps mindset, and that slowed down the process of development significantly. While preparing a cloud environment for our customer (meant for building infrastructure and application platform), the team was working on each issue manually. As a result, creating such environment was taking the couple of hours to make. Implementing DevOps into our job routine, meant primarily automation of processes. Even though developing the pipeline took us around a month to prepare, in the end we had a tool that could do the repetitive tasks for us. Reproductible environment allows us to focus on the issues ad hoc and leave the rest to the dedicated program.” 

Amplified Collaboration

Enhanced communication is at the heart of any project run by NATEK Team. We know that in order to provide our Customers with the highest level of services, we need to understand their concerns, hopes and resources. By adapting our processes to the core DevOps principles, and encouraging our Developers and Operations Specialists to work together, we eliminate the "throw it over the wall" mentality. Cross-functional teams, where Developers, System Administrators, and Quality Assurance Engineers collaborate seamlessly, result in improved and faster issue resolution, and a shared sense of ownership. By choosing DevOps, you make sure you build a new, more efficient and harmonious work environment.  

Bartłomiej Przytarski: “In DevOps, we work as one team, planning everything together from the start. Developers present their initial ideas for the environment and Operations give them the necessary feedback as to what is need in order to deliver the feature (budget, number and type of specialists, tools etc.), what are the risks, and what are the areas for improvement. Thanks to the improved collaboration, we can catch any obstacle faster, work ad hoc, and iterate efficiently.” 

Continuous Improvement

DevOps places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. Teams use metrics and feedback loops to identify bottlenecks, performance issues, and areas for enhancement. This data-driven approach allows companies to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and iterate on their software products. The ability to learn from mistakes and adapt quickly is a hallmark of modern companies, and DevOps facilitates this by promoting a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Bartłomiej Przytarski and Artem Fedai, our Tech Lead Integration Engineers, receiving an award for “Best Creative Contribution” to a project related to Cloud technology for one of our Partners. 

Reliability and Stability

Modern companies cannot afford system outages or service disruptions. DevOps helps ensure system reliability and stability by incorporating practices like automated testing, infrastructure as code (IAC), and monitoring. These practices catch issues early in the development cycle, reducing the likelihood of critical problems in production. Moreover, DevOps encourages proactive monitoring and rapid incident response, minimizing downtime and ensuring a positive user experience. Avoiding errors and predicting risks, not only protects your company from unwanted costs, but also opens new doors with available options to discover, as your project grows.  

Bartłomiej Przytarski: “Monitoring and iterations are crucial part of DevOps methodology. We are able to catch the potential errors before they occur and constantly improve the product. It’s like with cars – if some part of it doesn't work properly, but we drive slow, we might not notice anything wrong. But if we start to speed up, the whole car starts to fall apart. Some issues might not be visible in the beginning stages when the product is not used by many end users. But once it gains popularity, it can deteriorate rapidly.
Every new release of the application is a risk, but when we keep an eye on all metrics, we can be sure to provide a successful product.” 

Cost Efficiency

By outsourcing the DevOps Team from NATEK, you don't need to worry about the initial costs of investing in tools and training. We come with a fully stacked equipment and an experienced Team, that is ready to develop your project. Thanks to automation, we can reduce the need for manual, time-consuming tasks, and allow ourselves to focus on higher-value activities. Additionally, DevOps practices optimize resource utilization, ensuring that infrastructure is provisioned and scaled efficiently. This cost-efficiency aligns with the financial goals of modern companies striving to maximize their return on investment.  

Security Integration

Security is one of the main concerns in the digital age, and DevOps does not overlook it. DevSecOps, an extension of DevOps, emphasizes security throughout the software development lifecycle. By integrating security practices early in the process, companies can identify and address vulnerabilities before they become critical issues. This proactive approach helps protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Bartłomiej Przytarski: “A small bug in the code – like an accidental placement of a password – might result in a breach and stolen data. In the past, this type of issues were reported by the Clients. Now DevOps teams are watching over the security, procedures and good practices throughout the whole development process (including implementation). Especially during the testing phase, we are making sure that the environment is thoroughly protected and that we delivered a secure software. Everything is checked from the beginning to end, to assure complete confidentiality of data.” 

DevOps Teams

Development and Operations Team at NATEK is a jack of all trades. But to gain that title, we gathered Specialists with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Depending on the project, you might need:  

  • an Architect/Cloud Architect (or a couple),  
  • a Software Developer  
  • a Reliability Engineer  
  • a Systems Engineer  
  • an Automation Engineer  
  • a Quality Assurance Specialist  
  • a Lead DevOps Engineer  
  • a Security Data Specialist  

and more!  

At the beginning of our cooperation, we will ask you about all the necessary details of the project, in order to prepare the best Team for your company.

Bartłomiej Przytarski: “We all carry out a similar task, but each of us has our own specialization, our own forte. Everyone brings unique skills and perspectives to the Team, which makes us more versatile and able to solve problems on many levels. In my opinion, DevOps is "Jack of all trades, master of none", a combination of several roles, not one specific one.”  

Incorporate DevOps with an experienced Team - work IT with NATEK

In today's competitive business landscape, the role of DevOps in modern companies cannot be overstated. It serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and efficiency, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality software at a quick pace. DevOps aligns perfectly with the demands of the digital age, where adaptability and continuous improvement are keys to success. Companies that embrace DevOps not only enhance their software delivery capabilities but also build a culture of collaboration, reliability, and cost efficiency that positions them for long-term growth and competitiveness in the ever-evolving market.

If you want to benefit from a modern solution that is DevOps and bring your project development to a new level, contact our Sales Prospection Team Lead Andrzej Osman at and #growITwithus!