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Are you looking to refactor your applications, or maybe build a completely new one from scratch? Does your company need to simply adjust the functionalities of your existing software? In NATEK, we understand both technology and business , so we apply the approaches of both fields to our process.


NATEK provides you with a development team of world-class specialists who will plan the automation and orchestration of your activities and operate your HW via built-in software. All thanks to their expertise and essential, ever-developing programming skills. 

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Software development

business case

Implementing e-planogram application for US and UK-based e-retailers. The application allows clients to optimize their product offering arrangement in a secure “as-if” environment. The process of product data import is automated.


Project assumed automation of repetitive tasks and processes together with providing high scalability of resources.

Scope of the project

Tech Lead, Front-end and Back-end developers, QA Engineers


End-to-end implementation, including development, manual and automated testing and UA tests on customer side.


30% savings VS. previous partner achieved by process automation
100% deliverables on time According to scheduled timeframe

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