Przemysław Ornatowski’s career at NATEK has begun 4 years ago, and since then he showed time and again, that a steady job doesn’t have to be boring. Even though the base line of his work remains the same, each project brings new challenges and excitement for Przemek. Read on to find out what are the things that Przemysław values the most in NATEK and what are his tips for finding the dream job.

When did you join NATEK?

In May 2019. My colleague from NATEK called me and asked if I would be interested in a Project Manager position. After a couple of calls I got accepted and could start my job here.

Was the new position challenging for you?

At first yes, because even though I had years of experience as a Project Manager in the banking and IT industries, it was my first time working with a new type of technology. The first few weeks meant a lot of learning to catch up to my Team. Thankfully, my Teammates were willing to share their knowledge with me and patiently guided me through the process. I was able to count on their support. Numerous training and meetings with the Client were valuable too.

And have you been a Project Manager since 2019?

Yes. The position stays the same, most of the responsibilities don’t change. But I’ve been a part of different projects and each time it means a new Team, and therefore new challenges. NATEK works with multiple international companies from all over the world. I had a pleasure to cooperate with people from the US, Great Britain, Italy, India, and the UAE. Each time I learned something new about a foreign culture and I gained some new contacts.

Working internationally must be interesting. Can you tell us more about that?

Each project is a new experience. Every time you learn something new both about other people but also about yourself. It is important to be respectful and patient. Just because my working day looks one way, I don’t expect everyone else to plan their work exactly the same. What matters are results. If my Team delivers the tasks on time, they can have their siesta ;)

I think it’s crucial to build a workplace where all the people in the Team trust each other and know they can depend on one another. When you establish some basic rules at the beginning of the project, cultural differences won’t be obstacles.

Was your career always just smooth sailing?

Of course not! 2020 was a tough time for a lot of companies and unfortunately my project was shut down by the Client. I was worried whether I was going to find a new job quickly, but luckily NATEK got it covered. My work performance received great reviews and so they were looking for a new project for me. Once they found a Client suitable for me, a meeting was arranged, and I have been collaborating with them till this day, and I will be for the next few years. This just shows that NATEK Referral Program really works J!

So, you’ve been with the Client for 3 years now. How do you keep up your motivation?

I was the first NATEK Consultant working for this Customer. Looking back, I can confidently say it was a bull’s eye, because after 3 months of our cooperation, more NATEK people joined the Team. Now we have more than 10 NATEK Team Members on the project. So, from the start I could see that they view me as an important expert and that hard work is paying off.

I guess what keeps me motivated is the passion for my work. I am excited about each phase from planning, through developing to completion. The feeling of achieving something with my Team never gets old. Each time feels just like the first one.

What do you do to not feel trapped in the loop of the same duties?

Seeking the latest information is key. I always try to attend new training courses, webinars, meetings, and conferences where I can learn new tricks on how to be a better Project Manager. This job is mostly about communicating with your Teammates and your Client. Therefore, to do it well I need to keep up with the latest techniques, technologies, tools, and so on. Last year I’ve became a certified Agile Project Manager. So once NATEK displays a demand for such qualifications (to provide a service to another Customer), I will be able to apply for the position! Next step for me is to get the PMI certification. I am already preparing.

What would you recommend to those who would like to work as an IT Project Manager, but are afraid of switching their industry now?

Remember that what matters most are your soft skills. Are you a people person, do you know how to manage conflicts, do you react to problems with solutions rather than resistance? I was hired because I knew how to manage a Team and lead them to their goal. All the technical stuff I’ve learned on the go. I wasn’t a SIM expert, and now I can talk about it fluently with NATEK IT Specialists and Clients.

If you find a job that might be a jackpot for you, don’t hesitate to apply. It was pure luck that my colleague called me with the job offer, but it was my hard work and dedication that brought me to where I am now. The key is to love what you do. Then even the most repetitive job won’t become dull.

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