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All products must be meticulously tested before they can be used in an efficient and safe manner. By offering the Quality Assurance approach, NATEK Team will go beyond the surface, find and fix defects. Software testing is extremely important in providing quality products for all business. Every year, companies highlight a greater need for enhanced quality assurance and test activities, but also notice the increasing concerns with security validation faced by IT teams. Automated testing can improve the productivity of the software and contribute to the business growth and end users satisfaction.

and testing

NATEK provides quality assurance services with expertise in automation and experience with end-to-end testing of web applications. Within this service, we provide functional testing, usability testing, security testing and performance testing.

By offering the Quality Assurance approach, NATEK Team will go beyond the surface, find and fix defects. Our Automation testing specialists will a create a roadmap for your organization and recommend the best solutions.

QA automation

business case
Managed Quality Assurance services for a global online employment solutions company offering B2B and B2C software solutions, servicing clients worldwide.


Supporting recent digital transformation initiatives of the client, implementing and conducting test automation as a way to support their shift to continuous development practices and accelerate cross-browser and cross-device testing.

Scope of the project

Designing and creating automation test cases for web applications and end-to-end testing. Project is managed in Kanban methodology.


5 senior QA Automation Engineers, Service Delivery Manager



being verified and validated


test cases

delivered in 7 months


test cases

delivered and accepted without additional modifications

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