Quality Policy


NATEK Quality Policy is clarifying NATEK basic ideas, business focus and core values of the company with a focus on continuous improvement.

Our company successfully passed through the certification of ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system (QMS) in May 2021. The certificate has been issued by the certification company URS and will be valid for next three years. The implementation of Quality management system was the strategic decision and commitment of the top management.

The certification proves towards our customers, suppliers and partners that NATEK´s processes are clearly defined and conducted in accordance with default rules. And also shows our ability to meet customer´s requirements and work continuously on our improvement.


Quality Policy is binding for all NATEK branches.



NATEK supports leaders in the optimisation of their IT plans

NATEK is a leading provider of IT Outsourcing and Consulting Services in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe). Thanks to over 8 years of experience in IT outsourcing, nearshoring and consulting services, NATEK understands its customer’s business environments, cost reduction issues and IT challenges. NATEK is a leading provider of IT Outsourcing and Consulting Services in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

NATEK is fast becoming one of the most sought-after companies specialized in IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Part of our vision is continuous improvement of our services in all fields so that we can offer the best to our Customer as well as to our Employees. To achieve this NATEK is using the newest tools, checking the trends, building and extending it´s business network and standardize internal processes to be able to ensure the best quality.

NATEK Services

IT Technical Consulting

NATEK´s services address all of the consulting and engineering needs of its clients in need of high value-added solutions. Research and design necessary to complete all or part of a project.

IT Technical services

NATEK offers attractive sourcing, infrastructure and direct subcontracting strategies for the CEE region. It’s international structure facilitates the provision of experienced IT professionals who play a key role in the success of their customers’ projects. With close to 300 consultants placed at NATEK’s clients, we are one of the largest IT Technical Services and HR services companies in the region.

IT Outsourcing Services

High level of technical education and resources availability in CEE countries, allows NATEK to provide excellent services for the complete satisfaction of a diverse and demanding clientele. NATEK’s Outsourcing Services can be categorized into two pillars of service; Development Platforms, and System/Network Administration Delivery.

NATEK’s core values to serve our customers with excellence:

Deliver IT Services within a global structure

Provide the best people with diversity

Install a win-win partnership for long-term cooperation

Develop our employees and bring them to the top

We just love what we do!


Policy is the responsibility of Employer´s quality assurance and marketing departements.

The Employer is empowered to update/cancel this policy at any time and for any reason.

Any Employee breach of rules set up by this Policy will be considered as a breach of work discipline and can lead to the disciplinary actions.

Familiarization of the document is set up as NATEK standard – any change of the policy is announced by e-mail to all employees; current version is available on NATEK Website, it is responsibility of every employee to check and abide the current version.

The NATEK executive issues changes and amendments to the Policy. Current version cancels and replaces all previous version of the procedure and is available on NATEK Intranet

This Policy is effective since the Date of Issue.