Veronika Melicherova's career story is not without challenges and intriguing plot twists, as before joining NATEK over 10 years ago, recruitment was not exactly a path she saw in her future. What changed her mind? Which aspects of her job are her favorite, and what does she value the most about her Team, and the company? Read on to find answers to those and many other questions.

Veronika – you’ve been working with us for over a decade. Congratulations! But let’s start at the beginning. What lead you to NATEK?

Before NATEK I worked as a reservation agent for a Slovakian airline, but after a while I was on a hunt for a new job. And just so happened that NATEK was looking for a person to join their Recruitment Team and work as a Junior Recruiter. The position allowed me to use my English and French language skills, which for a linguistic enthusiast like me was a big deal. I still remember the moment when I received a phone call informing me about the acceptance for that role - I was very, very happy.

Sounds like quite a big change career-wise. How did your path in recruitment unfold?

I started my work here during my last year at the university, first as a part-timer, and after graduating my career took off at full speed. From Junior Recruiter, I was quickly promoted to a Regular and then Senior, eventually becoming a Team Lead responsible for the Slovak market. Following that, I received a life changing offer to move to Kraków (Poland) to overtake a management position in Recruiters Team. Saying "yes" was one of the best decisions I ever made! Soon after I became a Recruitment Manager supervising not only whole Poland but also 3 other countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria and moved back to Slovakia (after 1,5 years in Poland). Before going to maternity leave, I also had a chance to spend some time in a Talent Acquisition Team. Clearly, no time for boredom at NATEK!

“Before joining NATEK I never dreamed of becoming a recruiter. I have a bachelor’s degree in international management (studied in a French language) and a master’s degree in financial management. I wanted to be an interpreter and travel as much as I can. Little did I know, a career in recruitment often combines those two activities.” 

Veronika with her Recruitment Teammates, visiting colorful Portugal.

Could you tell us a bit more about your time in Poland?

First of all, it was just perfect timing. I went through some changes in my personal life, and I was more than willing to explore a new environment and new opportunities. My then-manager was moving to Warsaw and suggested I should join them and provide support to the local recruitment branch. It was the time of my life! I had a chance to discover differences in working habits between Poland and Slovakia firsthand, which was challenging at times. But I had a great Team, we spent a lot of time together not only during the working hours but also at our free time and I learned Polish quite quickly thanks to them. However, a new language was not the only skill I gained at that time. I was developing as a leader and manager, attending multiple meetings a day and observing more experienced coworkers. I found that the most crucial part of my job till this day is to show people patience, attention and keep them inspired in reaching their goals.

“One of the biggest challenges at the beginning was how to motivate people and delegate my work efficiently. I realized that the only way me and my team could grow was by trusting each other and being open to receiving and accepting support.”

Veronika celebrating her 10 years at NATEK. #10YearsClub

I would have stayed in Kraków forever if it wasn’t for love. When I met my husband, I decided to move back to Bratislava and start a family. 10 wonderful years and 2 lovely children later, we are still together. Making the right decisions is definitely my strong suit.;)

What happened after you went back to Slovakia?

I spent 6 years on maternity leave and really adored motherhood. But I wanted to stay in the loop, and NATEK was helpful in providing me with favorable terms of cooperation while I was available only part-time. After coming back full-time last year, I overtook the role of Recruitment Manager for Slovakia and Czech Republic. My current position is the perfect fit for me. It combines what I love the most about my job – being the leader and at the same time staying involved in the recruitment processes. I enjoy managing my Team as well as searching for diverse positions and profiles, talking with Candidates, and building relationships with them by keeping in touch and informing when new job opportunities arise.

Veronika enjoying hiking with her kids. No matter the weather.

It's great to hear you find satisfaction in your work! You’ve also mentioned that NATEK gives you opportunities to explore your love for languages and traveling. Are there any other interests/hobbies you get to develop with NATEK support? 

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t have too many hobbies on my plate. ;) My main passion is for all kinds of sports, especially running, ski-touring, climbing, cycling and mountain hiking. NATEK Team takes part in multiple sport events a year and even organizes its own like Activity for Charity initiative. I try to participate in as many of them as possible, because they are a great way of bonding with my Coworkers and Team, and working towards a common goal. Spring is finally here, so I am planning on having more training to get ready for the season of running and bike riding with my Colleagues.

“If I ever get bored with recruitment, I have a great career alternative in store. ;) I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 10 years, and I decided it’s time to become a yoga instructor. All I need to do to complete the course is record myself running a yoga lesson. So, keep your fingers crossed and maybe one day we’ll meet on the mat at NATEK!”

Veronika knows how to combine the love for travel and yoga. #timemanagement at its best!

10 years of yoga and over 10 years at NATEK! It’s easy to see you stick to the projects that bring you joy. What challenges do you remember the most?

One of the most relevant projects I got to witness was the opening of our Delivery Center in Kosice. It was an extremely busy time, a new set of services, new hires. Even though it was an intense time, everyone involved in the process was 100% devoted to it and thanks to the efficient communication this DC has become a crucial part of NATEK structure.

Has the company changed a lot since then in your opinion?

When I compare where NATEK was when I first started to work here and where it is now, there’s a huge difference. I can see a big impact of the fast-moving IT field on the way we develop and manage our organization. We are getting bigger in the number of Specialists and projects thanks to the teamwork of all our departments. NATEK is also moving forward, with our internal projects and procedures, constantly improving the existing standards for its Employees, Candidates, and Customers.

Any final words for those who aspire to join NATEK or even pass the 10 years line? 

What I find to be the most important characteristic of working at NATEK are flexibility, opportunities for growth and a supportive Team. I am surrounded by inspiring, professional and kind people who make every day at work enjoyable. You never know which decisions will lead you to a positive outcome, but you can be sure of one thing – if you join NATEK you will never be bored and make memories lasting a lifetime.

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