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The main focus of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is how to deliver to our customers high-quality processes, competencies, and technologies, in the most efficient and effective way possible. NATEK Team takes on an individual approach for each customer, to ensure picking the best RPA solutions for particular projects. We customize our workflow for the benefit of the customers , to better answer their business needs and demands. Our Specialists implement new communications, dashboards and tools, to stay to date with the latest requirements of the market.

RPA lifecycle

Discovery phase

Analysis of the repetitive tasks and
process mining resulting in high level
assessment report


Synthesis of analyzed business processes, repetitiveness,
volume, end-user involvement, high-level architecture,
implementation roadmap

Design & development

RPA ecosystem design, RPA bot
development, data management

Tests & validation

Ensuring the process workflow reflects the designed
pattern, validation of the data inputs, troubleshooting,
removing bugs

Deploy & Hypercare phase

Operates the deployment of bots to production
environment, monitoring the process flow and
ensuring the error free experience

Scope of service

NATEK RPA Solutions are built in accordance with UiPath and Blue Prism technology principles and conventions. Epics and User Stories developed together with Business and the RPA Analyst help us design, develop and maintain business processes.
Our Specialists use robotics software in order to reduce costs and risks, whilst improving service levels and data quality. We implement application testing tools using RPA technology, but also create and update documentation related to RPA development services (including redesigning and macro-based automation of documentation). The platform is kept up to date with the newest versions of software and frequently maintained.

Robotic process automation
Industry: banking

business case


Case study

A large Polish bank has been identifying repetitive processes related to their customer management platform that can bring important efficiencies and improve customer experience. At the same time, internal business processes related to processing customer requests via the system were analyzed and prepared for standardization in order to consolidate those that can be replaced by bots.


Team expertise

  • UiPath
  • JSON
  • Jira, Confluence,
  • BizAgi, Enterprise Architect
  • Visual Paradigm,
  • UMLet, MS Visio, iGrafx


  • Improving the effectiveness of process for Cash Loans by 50%
  • Creating robots to automate banking processes in UiPath Studio
  • Online Customer Onboarding – 11 applications setting up a variety of services for new customers
  • Data check – 24/7 review of data
  • Downloading pdfs and online sharing
  • Cash Loans “over the air” - 22h per day (due to maintenance), process managing all cash loans for one of the biggest retail chains. It reads files in JSON and transfers them further. Sends queries to BIK.

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