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    Outsourcing IT services with NATEK – reasons to do it in 2024
    To assess the work we’ve done in the past 12 months and foresee the nearest future of NATEK, we talked with our most experienced Team Members about how they view the potential directions of progress in the new year.
    Marta Slupecka
  • blog
    IT recruitment trends 2023 - what might happen in 2024?
    What positions were the leaders in IT Recruitment 2023 at NATEK? Which jobs will reign in 2024? Find out!
    Marta Slupecka
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    IT@BANK: NATEK among the best IT providers for the financial sector!
    IT@Bank conference, the largest conference devoted to IT and banking technology in Poland, was held on November 15, 2023. During the event, a special IT@Bank ranking was presented - a list of the best technology companies cooperating with the financial sector. This year's ranking also includes NATEK, which, despite its debut, confirmed its strong position in the sector by taking high places in several categories!
    Minh Trusiak
  • blog
    Network Virtualization for a Modern Enterprise
    Explore new possibilities for expanding your company's potential thanks to NATEK IT Solutions. Find out more about Network Virtualization!
    Marta Slupecka
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    NATEK Career Stories: From Azure Consultant to Azure Architect
    Since the beginning of his career at NATEK Emil Jasiński has been constantly improving his skill set as one of our best Azure Architects. Read his story!
    Marta Slupecka
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    DevOps role in a modern company - how to accelerate your business with DevOps practices
    Find out why DevOps is one of the best ways to run an IT project. Read what NATEK Expert has to say about this methodology.
    Marta Slupecka

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