The Computerworld magazine has published its annual TOP200 ranking, in which it assesses the Polish Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market in various categories. This year's ranking also included NATEK, which, despite its debut, confirmed its strong position on the market by taking high places in several categories, as well as being in the TOP-10 of the largest providers of outsourcing and managed services in 2022!

For the 31st time, a comprehensive Computerworld report has been published, examining the condition of the ICT market in Poland. The latest edition summarizes the revenues of the IT industry last year and shows that it is exceptionally resilient in the face of difficult external conditions, as evidenced by the impressive increase in the value of the industry by 13% in 2022, to over PLN 100 billion. While industry numbers show positive results, the overall mood is being influenced by various macroeconomic factors, including high inflation and an increasingly demanding employee market. Despite these challenges, companies like NATEK continue to adapt, innovate and deliver unique solutions.

NATEK in Computerworld in numbers

NATEK has been developing dynamically for several years, thanks to which we implement key IT projects for our clients in Poland, Europe and around the world. This year, for the first time, we took part in the Computerworld TOP200 report, which compared our results with the most influential IT companies in the country. NATEK Poland was included in the ranking in as many as 13 categories.

In the financial year 2022/2023, NATEK Poland's revenues exceeded PLN 75 million, which allowed us to be in the TOP-100 in this year's report in the category of IT companies with the largest increase in revenues from IT and in the TOP-10 of the largest providers of outsourcing and managed services in 2022. Revenue growth at a record level of 73% compared to 2021 also resulted in a place at the forefront among the largest IT service providers and a high position in the category of IT companies with the highest net profit in 2022.

The company was also ranked 162nd in the classification of the largest IT companies operating in Poland in 2022 (the list includes the results of 343 IT companies).

The above good results are all the more pleasing as it was our debut in this prestigious ranking.

Computerworld industry rankings

In addition to the above categories, the report also presents rankings for various sectors to which IT solutions are provided. Here, one of the most important achievements of NATEK is taking 24th place in the list of the largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for the banking sector in 2022 with a sales dynamics of as much as 128% compared to last year! Our new clients include, among others, two of the largest Polish banks, which proves the competence and trust in the company from the banking and financial sectors.

In the summary of results in terms of industries, NATEK also ranked high among the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the healthcare and telecommunications sectors (30th position in both cases) and the IT sector (37th position). A visible increase in revenues compared to the previous year was also recorded in the categories of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the following sectors:

The extended list of NATEK Poland in the Computerworld TOP200 2022 ranking is presented in the following graphic:

We don’t stop here!

Thanks to continuous development and successes, we are ready for even greater progress in the IT industry, strengthening our position among the leaders in the industry. To ensure the highest level of services provided, NATEK regularly surveys the level of satisfaction of its customers using traditional surveys, as well as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS method is a tool for assessing the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and business partners, which also allows you to forecast the further development of the company. Our survey this year showed an NPS score of +52 (positive NPS values are considered good, while values above 50 are considered excellent). Such a high result is a good prognosis for further, strong development of the company.

We would like to thank the entire NATEK team for their daily work, achieving ambitious goals and contributing to the development of our company. It is thanks to you that we are able to record better and better results in the rankings of leading IT companies year after year.

What is Computerwold TOP200 ranking?

Computerworld TOP200 is a prestigious report that has been examining the condition of the IT industry in Poland for over 30 years. Every year, it presents a comprehensive list of the results of several hundred companies operating in this area. The report contains over 60 rankings and tables from which you can read which companies are constantly developing and how they compare to the competition, and presents a number of analyzes of the current situation on the IT market and forecasts for the industry for the next year.

The data for the report is collected via an online survey, completed by representatives of IT and telecommunications companies and operators, based on editorial estimates and analytical data. It is one of the basic sources of knowledge about the IT market in Poland for managers, industry specialists and potential clients.

This year's edition was also enriched with comments of experts from leading ICT companies operating in Poland on the most important industry topics. Among them is also a statement by Kuba Borkowski, NATEK Microsoft 365 Solution Architect, who shared a very interesting view on cybersecurity in Poland.

Detailed information about the Polish ICT market can be found HERE.

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