After almost 2 decades in the IT industry (that’s right! NATEK will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year!) we are still moving forward with our goals. The company is gradually growing bigger in the number of Specialists and projects we have in our portfolio. So, it’s only reasonable that we want to run our further development in creative, comfortable and modern spaces. NATEK Office 2.0 project is dedicated to bringing new standard of hybrid work to our Employees, but also to be a hospitable place for business meetings with our Customers and Business Partners. 

The project started back in 2022, and after 2 years we see the first results of our Team’s hard work with new spaces opened in Warsaw, Poland (our company’s headquarters) and In Sofia, Bulgaria. But as always, we do not plan on slowing down. Four more business units, two in Poland and two in Slovakia, will undergo a serious transformation later this year. What other plans do we have up our sleeve? 

NATEK offices through years. Picture 1 - 2010, first Warsaw office placed in an apartment building; Picture 2 - 2014, working space in an office building Spektrum Tower; Picture 3 - new office in Q22 Warsaw building

New NATEK offices in the hearts of city centers 

As a company present in 7 big cities around CEE with business units in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Bratislava, Kosice, Prague and Sofia, we plan on redesigning all of them to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our Customers, Partners and Team Members. We believe that investment in new larger and modern locations will give us the perfect position to strengthen existing business relationships as well as create opportunities to begin new ones. At the same time, they will be enticing and conducive places for our community to collaborate, expand their knowledge base, advance their careers and directly impact the future of our solutions ergo continuing their impressive successes.

NATEK Team isn’t afraid of challenges and changes

"The IT market will continue to thrive for a long time to come. Moreover, one of our goals in the near future is to employ at least 5,000 people and increase revenues to EUR 100 million per year, although we still have a long way to go."
Paul Novak, Chief Officer Legal & Gnl Investment

As we work hard to achieve our goals, we're excited to see a noticeable increase in both headcount and revenue over the past 4 years. We respond to the needs of our Customers, we have a know-how, references, and the market situation also helps us in pushing our business further. And we are absolutely sure, that this would not have been possible without our Team of Staff, Consultants, and Contractors. At the moment, we employ almost 850 people from all over the world. We don’t let “dynamic development” to be just some empty words. Last year alone NATEK had over 200 open positions, and the significant growth in numbers of our Team Members month to month, let us believe that in 2024 we will surpass this result.

"We do not foresee any cooling in the IT solutions sector. Even considering the recent economic crises that have affected the entire world, they have not had a major impact on the IT sector. There may be some risks, but we believe they are linked to all industries. AI is influencing people's concerns about the future of their jobs, but at the same time, we need to ask ourselves: who is behind AI? People. Specifically, IT specialists."
Minh Hang Hoang-Trusiak, Senior Marketing Communication Manager

NATEK as a hybrid workplace. How do we adjust to our Specialists? 

We do not hide the fact that our largest increase in employment occurred in the area of home office, and we do not expect any major changes in this respect. Our analyses and experience show that if we increase employment in the office by 30 people, then in the home office – by 70. That said, we notice the need for our Team to have regular face-to-face meetings, personal interactions, build team spirit, discuss new ideas and integrate.

"The last year seems to have been a turning point. Previously, almost 97 percent of employees wanted to work exclusively remotely. In the last year, this has changed – people miss socializing, the energy of face-to-face meetings, inspiration."
Joanna Pejo, Chief of People and Culture, NATEK Poland

NATEK always emphasizes the value of our highly qualified Specialists and their unique, efficient approach to work. New office spaces are a way of showing them that we listen to their needs and want to show appreciation for the quality they bring to our organization.  Our new offices are designed with the hybrid work era in mind – there are comfortable places to build relationships and have a good time through networking and socializing. We don't expect our Employees to come to the office, but we hope that the space we created with them in mind, will encourage visiting more often.

What’s next for NATEK Office 2.0 project? 

We’ve always seen the great potential of the CEE region, and with our ongoing successes in NATEK current locations, we plan on further expanding our presence in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Bulgaria. What’s next on our agenda? We are moving fast in the process of redesigning Wroclaw space in new accommodation in a freshly done Infinity office building right in the city center. In the closest future our focus will be also on creating efficient progress with renovations of offices in Gdansk in Poland and Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia. Our Team is working hard to bring those spaces to live this year.

If you want to join our community and build the future of IT, go to Job Opportunities, apply for the perfect job and #workITwithus!

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NATEK Poland with new office in Warsaw Q22

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The articles are built on interviews with NATEK Team – Paul Novak, Chief Officer Legal & Gnl Investment, Jana Kruzliakova, VP Sales and Marketing, Joanna Pejo, Chief of People and Culture, NATEK Poland, Minh Hang Hoang-Trusiak, Senior Marketing Communication Manager.