IT@Bank conference, the largest conference devoted to IT and banking technology in Poland, was held on November 15, 2023. During the event, a special IT@Bank ranking was presented - a list of the best technology companies cooperating with the financial sector. This year's ranking also includes NATEK, which, despite its debut, confirmed its strong position in the sector by taking high places in several categories!

IT@BANK is the largest conference in Poland bringing together the IT community and the banking sector. For years, it has been a source of inspiration and knowledge about the latest trends, technologies and development directions in the financial services sector. The main theme of this year's edition, which was attended by a record-breaking over 700 participants, was "challenges of the future": a discussion on the technological future of banking and the role of AI in the digital era.

IT@Bank ranking

An inherent element of the conference is the announcement of the results of the ranking of the best IT service providers for the banking sector organized by Polish BANK financial magazine. The IT@Bank Report is also a summary of the condition of the industry, analyzing the achievements of companies in the last financial year. This year's edition also included NATEK for the first time!

In the eighteenth edition of the ranking, 50 companies from the IT industry providing solutions for the financial sector took part and were classified in the main ranking and four sub-rankings. Enterprises were assessed not only in terms of the revenues they generated, efficiency or development potential, but also in terms of their position on the market determined on the basis of points awarded by the editors.

NATEK among the best IT companies working for financial sector

In the era of growing competition and a larger number of companies participating in the ranking than last year, we are pleased to announce that NATEK took a high place in the Main Ranking (31st position), despite its debut. In this main category, the indicators determining the position included, among others, sales revenues, the share of revenues from the financial sector in total revenues and the number of active customers from financial institutions.

However, our organization ranked even higher in detailed rankings! NATEK efficiency was appreciated - in the Effectiveness of Activities ranking we recorded the highest result, taking 17th position. This ranking assessed the financial results of companies, their profitability, as well as revenues per customer from the financial sector, weighted by the size of assets. In the sub-ranking of the companies' Development Potential, which took into account the amount of revenues and expenditure on research and development, we obtained 26th position. We were also among the top IT companies in terms of Cooperation with the Financial Sector, taking a position in TOP20 (18th position). According to the authors of the ranking, this proves NATEK strong position on the financial market and its ability to achieve long-term development.

NATEK in cooperation with the financial sector

The development of services for the financial sector is one of the key business directions for NATEK. Our presence in the IT@Bank ranking and high positions in the category of the largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for the banking sector in the Computerworld TOP200 ranking are proof of the unflagging dynamic development of our organization for almost twenty years and the trust that customer from the financial sector place in us as a company that is able to support them on their way to digitalization.

The above results are not only a reason for us to be proud, but also a motivation to continue working, ensuring the highest level of quality of services provided to our clients and partners. We already cooperate with many banks both in Poland and abroad, constantly expanding the scope of cooperation, but we believe that the constantly growing demand of banks for modern IT solutions resulting from both the need to adapt banking systems to changing legal regulations and the desire to make their offer more attractive, there will be room for many more fruitful collaborations in the upcoming year.

We would like to thank the entire NATEK Team for their daily work, achieving ambitious goals and contributing to the development of our company. It is thanks to you that each year we are able to record better and better results in the rankings of leading IT companies.


You can read more about the ranking in the latest issue of the BANK magazine.