In today's competitive market, companies continually face the challenge of optimizing operational efficiencies while answering to customer needs and enhancing their engagement. Leveraging comprehensive technology solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can offer transformative results. However, undergoing a digital transformation is a challenging task - this is where NATEK steps in. We excel at providing expertise and customized solutions that support business growth. Find out what exactly we can do for your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Platform - which NATEK solution you should implement?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are dedicated for companies that are looking for affordable, and most importantly resultful tools. Their main focus is to implement and oversee business strategies. What are their characteristic? And when should you choose one over the other?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Most organizations at some point in their growth struggle with disparate systems, inefficient processes, and poor customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics, a suite of integrated business applications, offers a unified remedy. It covers Microsoft CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning), thus helping the businesses streamline their operations, enhance customer engagement, and gain data-driven insights. Business data is now more powerful than ever before, thanks to Artificial Intelligence powered features and functionalities. 

This resolution is more popular with companies, that prefer ready to go live products, with established features, over apps that require hands on involvement in the basics of creating most of the functionalities.

Furthermore, MS Dynamics can be integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, MS Teams, Power Bi, Azure, and more. It is also compatible with LinkedIn Ads, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Jira Cloud, to name a few. Thanks to this capability, all the necessary data can be combined and presented in a comprehensive and engaging way. 

Power Platform  

On the other hand, Power Platform provides powerful, low-code cloud solutions for businesses that aren't afraid of spending some time on customizing their own applications by taking advantage of individual modules. It consists of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. All of the above technologies are easily scalable, quick and cost-effective to deploy. They are also easy to integrate with other Microsoft products your company might already use, such as Office 365 (used by over 2 million companies!), Active Directory, MS Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint and many more. All of this allows for a more personalized experience. 


It is also important to remember that the Microsoft products, and all the data they generate, can be stored either on-site, or in Cloud. As a company that is always looking forward to the newest solutions, NATEK recommends Cloud as the best choice for data management. It gives you accessibility to use all the Microsoft Dynamics or Power Platform products from anywhere you desire, therefore it can significantly boost operational efficiency.  

Do you struggle with making the right decisions for your company? Our Specialists are always ready to give you valuable advice and lead you through the entire process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications 

Dynamics 365 presents a captivating set of CRM Applications, that can help your company on many grounds. You will become more sufficient and effective when it comes to marketing, sales, and customer service-related processes. Customer Relationship Management is an advantageous strategy that allows your Team for building strong business relationships and streamlining processes. At the same time, your sales will increase and eventually so will your company’s profitability.  

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Applications 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an indispensable type of software, that allows companies to manage and organize their day-to-day business activities. Microsoft Dynamics offers several ERP products, to help you with any challenges your company might face. Whether it comes to finance operations, logistics, Human Recourses, and other issues. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is an unquestionable winner when it comes to this type of software, as it shares 1.8 million domains on the market. What advantages can each one of those tools bring to you?

NATEK Value Proposition: Expert Technology Consultants and Business Analysts  

Our consultants and analysts bring significant value to your company by aligning the above technologies (and other solutions from our services) with your business goals. They employ their deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to address your specific needs. 

Moreover, NATEK Experts provide strategic guidance, design customized solutions, and secure smooth implementation. They ensure that your organization maximizes the benefits of these technologies, from optimizing the entire business processes to improving customer relationships. 

What's more, our business analysts will translate your company's requirements, into functional specifications. This will bridge the gap between the technical team and the business stakeholders, subsequently ensuring the solution is tailor-made for your particular demands.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform - do IT with NATEK!  

#workITwithus! Do you want to bring more elevated solutions to your organization? Use our expertise and experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform products. At NATEK we understand that each business is unique. Our approach is centered around customizing powerful tools to meet your specific requirements. We help you meet market demands, improve team performance, and create new capabilities for growth of your business. 

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