ServiceNow is an intelligent tool that helps over 85% of Fortune 500 companies in their digital transformation through Now Platform. With its many functionalities, one of the most crucial ones are Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Integration. When your business is growing, so is the size of data you need to store, configure, and analyze for the purpose of making informed and beneficial operational decisions. In most cases, the best solution for reducing the costs of such processes is to, among others, lower the number of used tools and applications. Thanks to ServiceNow CMDB, you can integrate them and collect the data in one place, in order to facilitate data mining and break down silos.

But are Now Platform and CMDB for everyone? What's unique about ServiceNow? And what are the biggest benefits of using the platform?

How businesses can benefit from implementing ServiceNow CMDB?

ServiceNow investment can be beneficial for a wide range of organizations from the sectors such as banking, retail, manufacture, technology, healthcare, finances, telecommunication, and many others. The platform is prepared to assist different types of business needs and accommodate even the most unusual requests. The key to achieving new highs in your company's results, is to prepare an impeccable strategy for the integration of all your data, ideally with the help of highly qualified team such as NATEK Experts. Our Specialists are here to support on you on every level of ServiceNow CMDBs usage from implementing the platform, through data migration to everyday maintenance.

Unifying and integrating the data from multiple sources into one place, can accelerate the decision-making processes, cause a faster response to possible incidents, streamline the flow of the information in your organization and much more. It'll improve your organizational agility by automating and simplifying a multitude of procedures, therefor allowing you and your team to focus on more complex and profitable tasks.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in Now Platform - when are they useful?

Each company must respond to particular market needs, but one thing they all have in common is that to push business's development forward, they need to operate on reliable and accurate data. A complete view on the available information can be a make or break for your enterprise, as it is competing with in a fast-paced world, where even the smallest mistake can have serious consequences.

To better understand the possible benefits of implementing CMDB in your organization, let's imagine a (Scrum) team who works in sprints. Each sprint consists of stories, and those contain several story points. At the beginning of each development process, the person responsible for managing the process should estimate the number of points and the time needed to finalize each of them. To assure accuracy, the calculations have to be done based on multiple data sources spread across many different tools, apps, and platforms. This could cause an oversight of important information, which might negatively affect the overall efficiency of the Team by underestimating or overestimating the time required to deal with a given story point. But with ServiceNow CMDB, you can have your eye on each individual configuration item in one place, not only making the sprint estimates more precise, but also facilitate the procedures happening inside the team like One platform to accommodate all your employees' needs regarding among others communication and reporting of possible errors and delays.

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Use ServiceNow Configuration Management Data Base with support of NATEK Team!

The above is just one small example of countless ways that ServiceNow Configuration Data Base can positively influence the functioning of your company. Choosing this platform as the main place for integrating all your data can be a great change for both your employee and customer experience, as well as a resultful solution for facilitating numerous tasks and procedures.

If you are looking for a solution that will combine efficient service management, with cybersecurity, automation, productivity, consistency and scalability, migrating your data to a dedicated ServiceNow environment could be the answer.

And NATEK Team is ready to support you! Our personalized approach to Customers' needs from various industries, including banking and telecommunication and Fortune 500 companies, allow us to provide a unique approach to IT solutions and services. If you are looking for a Team of Experts who will guide you through your journey with ServiceNow and Now Platform, contact us! Let's explore endless possibilities for development together. #growITwithus