NATEK Podcast Talk IT with Us – Zero Paper Project

Author: Anna Dyda

11 August 2020

Is it possible to get rid of paper in an international company? In the third episode of our podcast we talked about our Zero Paper Project aiming at reducing paper flow within the company.

The latest episode of our podcast #TalkITwithUs is now live!

What means “zero paper”? What We talked about the idea to go 100% paperless and how reducing paper in the company affects our employees,  candidates applying for new jobs, our customers and suppliers. As NATEK is an international company, we also talked about the process of implementing such a project in 4 different countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.  And last but not least…the project aims not only at increasing our efficiency but also help preserve the nature.

What is Zero Paper Project? Has the global pandemic effected the project? How much can we reduce the paper flow? What are the challenges of implementing such a project in an international company?

To listen to the previous episode on digital transformation go here.

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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