Talk IT with Us – What is Digital Transformation?

Author: Anna Dyda

10 June 2020

What is digital transformation and what impact on business and people’s life does it have? In the second episode of our podcast Talk IT with Us, our Sales Manager Mateusz Stawicki brought the notion closer to us.

Let’s talk about digital transformation!

Ready for the second episode of NATEK podcast Talk IT with Us? This time we discussed digital transformation – its aspects, the impact it has on business and the directions the new trends are developing at the moment.

The foundation of this transformation remains the innovation and the technology. This enables companies to compete, increase their productivity, improve their customer experience and perform better than others.

The current situation forces businesses to adapt and transform many of their processes. To maintain the level of customer satisfaction and the working culture in the companies, many firms had to transfer their offices into the digital space.

Is the COVID-19  pandemic an engine for the digital transformation? In the podcast, together with NATEK Sales Manager Mateusz Stawicki, we also discussed if we can see the effects of the coronavirus on such processes of certain industries. Moreover, we discussed what the obstacles are.

To listen to the podcast on digital transformation go to our YouTube Channel – just click here.

Interested in the topic of digitization? Over the past few months we have been observing a very dynamically changing landscape of the world economy. What is more, new social phenomena suddenly occur in our everyday lives. Read the full article in which we explored various aspects of the process and digital transformation in times of pandemic.

How is business dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak? Listen to the first episode of NATEK podcast or read the transcript here – How are IT companies dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. 


Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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