TAaaS in IT: NATEK experience

Author: Anna Dyda

Why will we talk about TAaaS in IT? Outsourcing of recruitment processes is a business whose value increases by over 20% from year to year. When the recruitment process has a direct impact on the company’s profitability, cooperation with the right partner and choosing the right cooperation model becomes crucial. At NATEK, we have been supporting our clients in building IT teams and acquiring talent in this extremely competitive market for over 15 years. So how do you build competent IT teams and make them efficient and stable?

To discuss this topic join us in Warsaw at Management of IT Teams (Zarządzanie Zespołami IT) conference and check what our Head or HR and Recruitment Joanna Pejo will say during her presentation TAaaS – Talent Acquisition as a Service in IT at 3.40 pm on 6th of Fabruary.

Joanna Pejo joined NATEK in 2012 as a Senior Recruiter and specializes in acquiring, researching and managing competences. She gained experience in the area of ​​sales, then in the area of ​​HR consulting. She currently manages the area of ​​recruitment, talent acquisition, business development support, and recently also HR. Joanna is a big fan of Agile approach and innovation.

Zarzadzanie Zespolami IT

Zarządzanie Zespołami IT 2020 NATEK – Joanna Pejo, Head of HR and Recruitment 

Our solutions have been developed thorough 15 years of experience in delivering IT outsourcing services to our clients, usually our long-term partners. Read more about our experience and how the market itself has changed since NATEK started its first projects. 


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