Recruitment: What latest trends and tools can we use?

Author: Anna Dyda

24 May 2019

Recruitment Department at NATEK is always eager to grab a chance for networking, exchanging professional experiences and getting inspiration from peers. That is why our colleagues Joanna Marciniak, Aleksandra Bieńkowska and Paulina Traczyk attended HR TECH NIGHT – event organised in Warsaw by Talentuno for the HR community.

What are the latest trends in talent recruitment? What are the most important work skills? Such topics were discussed by i.a. Joe Wilson, former General Manager Marketing and Operations at Microsoft. Our colleagues took part in the discussion about the future of talents, where a lot of interesting insights were shared by experienced experts.

So what was the most thought provoking concept? Our recruiters agree that it was the trend of using chatbots in the recruitment process and their potential. There are both threats and opportunities of using chatbots as they can definitely perform the most daunting tasks, like screening the applications. It in not clear however how they can behave in unexpected and unprecedented situations and it’s known that such occur during recruitment processes.

If you want to know what brand new recruitment tools are entering the job market, and generally, what is going on in the HR technology area – don’t hesitate to contact our recruiters!


Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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