Quality assurance: How automated testing can improve your efficiency?

Author: Minh Trusiak

12 March 2021

Quality assurance is crucial in developing and launching a successful product. But how testing activities can actually enhance your product functionality? 

Software is now an integral part of almost every company’s digital transformation and software testing is extremely important in providing quality products for all business. In recent years Quality Assurance has witnessed the most rapid transformation out of all software disciplines –  from being treated as supporting activity to becoming an integral part of the software development process. 

Business growth and customer experience 

According to World’s Quality Report 2020-2021 the most important objective for testing and Quality Assurance is supporting business growth (72%*) but also highlights the importance of end-user satisfaction and a good customer experience (70%). The role of a testing engineer has expand from detecting software defects before releasing to actually thinking as the end-user and ensuring that the product is useful and valuable for the client.  


Automation is the future of software testing  

Automation has become core to Quality Assurance activities. Achieving quality and value at speed remains the focus of quality transformation and test automation is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing. Automated tests can also be easily reused and developed to achieve tasks that are impossible when testing manually. What’s more, using the appropriate testing strategy ensures maximum return on investment (ROI). 

Quality assurance is expanding, but challenges remain 

The report has also revealed the biggest challenges that organizations come across in their testing journey. While most of the companies acknowledge that test automation has reduce the general security risk, the growth of online businesses due to the Covid-19 situation has increased the concerns with security validation faced by IT teams (by 52%). Wider usage of automation and artificial intelligence in testing activities are also revealing a skills gap in some organizations. 42% of them highlight the lack of appropriate competencies and experience within test automation are the biggest obstacles to achieve quality assurance at the desired level. 




NATEK can support you through all the steps of your digital transformation. We provide quality assurance services with expertise in automation and experience with end-to-end testing of web applications. Within this service, we provide functional testing, usability testing, security testing and performance testing. Our automation testing specialists will create a roadmap for your organization and recommend the best solutions to increase the efficiency of your testing environment and contribute to your business growth as well as ensure end-user satisfaction. 





*According to data from Capgemini’s World Quality Report 2020-2021 



Minh Trusiak

Brand Marketing Manager


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