Profesia Days: NATEK about SAP upskilling

Author: Anna Dyda

30 September 2019

Matej Stein on SAP

SAP Consultant

Is being a SAP consultant a career for you? At Profesia Days our SAP Team Leader Matej Stein talked about a day in life of a SAP consultant and NATEK’s SAP projects.

Choosing a right career, which can be not only professionally satisfying, but also financially rewarding, is very important. That is why it’s crucial to make a well-informed decision. Last week, at Profesia Days, people had the opportunity to listen to the representatives of companies from the region and to be inspired by the speakers.

Is SAP a good career choice?

Because SAP is used across an array of business functions. It is implemented in 9 out of every 10 Fortune 500 company. Therefore, becoming a SAP consultant definitely seems to be a good choice for a long lasting career.

On stage, Matej presented SAP to the public. He not only discussed the scope of the SAP application and needed skills, but also mentioned how companies benefit from implementing SAP.

NATEK SAP upskilling and expertise

Our teams plan and participate in implementation of complex changes and SAP projects such as new implementations, transitions, migrations, upgrades, conversions. We consult on migrating customer SAP applications. We provide technical support, day-to-day operations support and the highest level of incident management.

In order to provide both the best services for our clients and development opportunities for employees, we have implemented a training program in Kosice – NATEK SAP Academy.

NATEK SAP Academy provides employees with the knowledge they need to kickstart they career as SAP specialists. The program covers a short overview of history of SAP as company as well as software solution for customers. Employees will get introduced to SAP world with explanation of operating systems and databases. Our skilled lecturers will guide group of people trough Linux environment, Oracle and SAP HANA environment as well as SAP administration tasks. At the end of the day a new SAP admins will be prepared to start with work on 1st lever support in any king of SAP Basis team.

Profesia Days: Kosice

It was already the 3rd edition of Profesia Days in Kosice. The event is organised by the largest job portal in Slovakia – “Profesia”. The purpose of it is to bring all relevant companies under one roof.

Profesia Days is a well-established event in Slovakia and Czech Republik, this year being organized in Bratislava, Kosice, Zilina, Brno and Prague.

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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