NATEK Environmental Policy is based on following commitments which whole NATEK Environmental Management system undertakes: 

Cooperation with Authorities and Local Entities

NATEK shall observe environment-related rules and regulations imposed by local and regional authorities and support legislatively promoted environmental conservation and prevention of pollution. The company shall voluntarily follow non-binding legislative recommendations and opinions which relate to the improvement of global environment.

Programs for Performance Measurement and Environmental Goals

NATEK shall establish proper programs and continue to improve these programs which shall measure and control  Company's performance associated with applicable environmental aspects. As a part of these programs, the company's shall set voluntary goals to achieve improvements of these aspects and positive results of overall environmental performance.    

Employee Education

NATEK shall provide substantial training courses to its employees in order to allow them to follow Company's  environmental policy and encourage their involvement in environmental protection activities in the workplace and at home. Those with a role of implementing environmental controls shall be fully educated and provided with complete instructions for the execution of their responsibilities.

Internal Audits

NATEK shall conduct periodical environmental audits at all of its facilities with the aim of ensuring the effective implementation and continual improvement of its environmental management system.

Observe NATEK Environmental Policy

All NATEK Group employees and other individuals working under NATEK brand shall adhere to NATEK Environmental Policy. If any individual has an environment-related concern, he/she shall report the situation to his/her manager who shall respond with a prompt measures.

This Environmental Policy is effective beginning on September 1, 2012.

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