Outsourcing Customer Support services – what to expect?

Author: Justyna Adamiak

2 December 2021

The long-term success of any company depends not only on the number of customers you gain. Nurturing customers is the huge part of keeping the business safe and maintaining the stable growth.

From setting up the whole process, acquiring employees, resource management, offering training and attracting new business-partners, NATEK customer support service encompasses a number of tasks.

Martin Folta, Service Operation and Resource Manager, explains in-depth what NATEK can do regarding customer support and what the benefits of entrusting such a service to a company like NATEK are 

How to offer successful customer support services? 

NATEK has a long and successful history of providing Customer support services. One of the services, we have vast knowledge about is Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC). Because of our flagship project, we have over 8 years’ experience in supporting a global telecommunication company and its end-customers, with the scope of 165,000 users. To ensure successful delivery and support, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line Support Experts were working 24/7, including standbys in our Centre of Excellence. With our technical support desk, we improved productivity and performance. Moreover, we have managed to decrease the response time and increase effective workload management and billing accuracy. Another piece of a puzzle is definitely working with the reliable tools, such us ServiceNow, Office 365, Jira, JAMF, 3CX which are enabling convenient user experience. But that’s not where our support ends. 

Kosice UCC project

Pre-sales and sales experts outsourced? 

Around the customer support hub, we are also building and providing the pre-sales and sales structures for our clients. Such pre-sales experts handle the technical assessments aimed at qualifying and identifying how NATEK can solve problems for the customer. For example, they are considering backup plans. When it comes to supporting telecommunication projects, our specialists also have to consider e.g. physical aspects of the terrain, network path diversity or probability of occurrence of natural disasters. That equals a plethora of possibilities which can be discovered for the customer, which then will lead to growing business. 

Our Sales specialists are trained to be responsible for up to 15 different products. They are thus trained in every single technology. Moreover, NATEK is responsible for monitoring the performance by our own metrics to provide our customers the additional value of management of these people. Therefore, they can move sales process forward and boost new deals having fresh, agile and skilled specialists.  

Flexibility offers benefits 

As the stationary work model (from the office) is no longer required by more and more companies, they can focus on getting the needed skills without geographical limitations. A larger talent pool means higher employee retention rates. We are retaining valuable employees offering them flexible workplace. Although our experts are working from multiple locations, we are ensuring they have the same knowledge, attitude, and skillset. The confidence we have in our people has to be at least 100% Overall, for our partners it means the same headcount with lower costs or higher headcount with the same cost.  

Increased productivity and quality, cost and time savings, large and skillful talent pool makes outsourcing a customer support services worthwhile. Working with a third-party provider can help you overcome the technical and resource-related challenges, enabling you to begin reaping the rewards.  

Take a look at our customer support services, send us your enquiry and let your business #growITwithus!  


Justyna Adamiak