NATEK: Structured for Success

Author: Anna Dyda

31 January 2019

In our continuous pursuit to better serve our customers, we are excited to announce that NATEK has entered 2019 with and updated organisational structure.

Changes mainly concern departments responsible for Delivery, Operations and Sales.

The main objective of changes within Service Delivery is to organize it in Service Product Lines.  The renewed structure will enable us to execute even better on our strategy to deliver high quality services that are most valuable to business.

Similarly, the position of Operation Director has been created. The person will directly manage our Business Unit Managers and Country Managers.

The new structure of this department is to take into account the best practices of our successes in previous years and boost our growth. We have successfully delivered many projects for our clients, but we all want more.

Moreover, consolidation of Poland and International Sales is to duplicate recent partnerships with leading financial institutions and companies in established and new foreign markets.

The new structure will result in improving company’s performance as we all be working together even more closely with agility around our shared objectives.

To execute the changes the following persons have been promoted or appointed to the respective positions:

  • Bernadetta Cisowska – Delivery Center Manager for Gdansk, Head of Operations
  • Jana Kruzliakova – Sales Manager and Head of International Sales
  • Daniel Pastornicky – Delivery Center Manager of Kosice
  • Daniel Groues – Transition Manager of Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Pavel Zubak –  Account Executive Director


Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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