NATEK Leadership Academy in Kosice

Author: Anna Dyda

31 July 2018

Getting knowledge and skills essential to developing your career – that’s what our employees get by attending any of our internal training series run under one umbrella name NATEK Leadership Academy. The newest edition of the program was just launched in Slovakia.

Constant development of both NATEK as a company as well as the skills of our employees has always been one of NATEK’s core values. Launched already in 2017, NATEK Leadership Academy now continues in Kosice.
We educated our project managers and team leaders in hard and soft skills, internal tools and we broadened their knowledge about IT market.

While growing in respective markets we attach great importance on upskilling our employees and therefore making them a part of the growth. With constant new projects and ever-growing team, our Delivery Center in Kosice is a great example of how focusing on quality and meeting clients’ needs can lead to extraordinary results.

NATEK Leadership Academy

NATEK Leadership Academy is a platform for current team leaders along with potential leaders to receive the training necessary for their professional advancement. The training comprises both soft skills and technical skills, including programming languages. Agile, Java, public speaking or personal branding in social media have already been among the topics covered during previous editions.
The purpose of NATEK Leadership Academy, which has already taken place in Warsaw, Kosice, and Gdansk is to provide our employees with the skills necessary to advance on their career paths.

Training is run either by members of NATEK Management or out-house trainers who are experts in their respective fields.

To learn more about NATEK Delivery Center in Kosice go to .

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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