NATEK is sponsoring Legion Run in Bratislava

Author: Anna Dyda

31 August 2018

We are ready for another adventure! After sponsoring Legion Run in Sofia, NATEK has become a sponsor of Legion Run in Bratislava.


Scratches, bruises, and mud – we believe it means an awesome experience! That is why we are looking forward to sponsoring another Legion Run event and obviously… participating in it!


The sponsorship ties in with our philosophy as we believe in teamwork and encouraging people to practice a healthy lifestyle both at work and in their spare time.


Legion Run Bratislava

The event will take place on September 8th in Motocross area Šenkvice near Bratislava.

 The challenge consists of a 5k run and a series of obstacles with exciting-sounding names like hadrian, funis or rubicon.

NATEK will be represented by enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves, want to get fitter and just to have fun together with their colleagues.

Quality Management, Recruitment, Finance – people all of these departments will be participating.

The event is open for spectators so you are welcomed to come and support your friends or just see what’s it all about!

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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