NATEK is GDPR compliant

Author: Anna Dyda

21 August 2018

Documents, personal data, and procedures – these are few of the areas inspected during our last external audit verifying our conformity with GDPR requirements. The audit was successful and we can now officially announce that we are GDPR compliant!

An audit carried out by a consulting company URS aimed at checking all areas of business concerned with the processing of personal data, including created documentation, policies, working instructions and our registry data system for candidates and employees.

As an outcome, the company confirmed that NATEK is fully compliant with the new regulations which is to be confirmed with an appropriate certificate. You can be sure that your data is safe with us!

GDPR – what does it mean?

General Data Protection Regulation that came in force May 25, 2018 touches upon the way companies store and use data. It also tackles how we inform individuals about their rights towards their personal information, for example how to withdraw their consent to store it.
The regulation’s aim is to ensure the security of European citizens’ personal data and give them control over it, which is particularly important in today’s digital age.

Its requirements apply to all organizations collecting the personal details of EU citizens, regardless of the company’s location. Also, all U.S. companies that sell to European citizens must be GDPR compliant.

Constant improvements

NATEK is devoted to the constant improvement of the internal procedures. That is why we have a well-developed and continually improved Quality Management System in place, the QMS is ISO 9001 certified at a group level.

We are also determined to provide continual training and increase the level of knowledge and qualification of all IT Specialist and our internal staff. To see how we train our staff read about our last Natek Leadership Academy conducted in Kosice in Slovakia.

We make IT safe!

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager