NATEK CEO reflects on the upcoming challenges for 2019

Author: Anna Dyda

Expanding to new markets, acquiring exciting projects and keeping employees satisfied – what shall this year bring to NATEK after the successful 2018?  Check what NATEK CEO Jean-Michel Namand plans for the company in 2019.

It’s been said NATEK is going to expand with a focus on western markets. Tell us more about these plans.

Jean-Michel Namand: We created an “international sales” department at end of last year with the aim to study and prospect some international markets as Switzerland, UK, and USA. We think that we have now enough experience and know how to bring some companies to nearshore with us.

Is this in any way connected with adding new services to our portfolio?

We added new services based on our customers’ demand but we continue to focus on our core business. The extended offer is to increase our added value to our customers.

Are you planning to grow in headcounts in 2019?

Our recruitment department plans to hire more than 350 employees and we want to have over 700 regular HC by the end of 2019. We forecast our growth mainly in our DC’s in Poland and Slovakia. We may, however, be surprised by Bulgaria which still represents for us great potential.

What initiatives do you find particularly exciting in 2019?

The growth of Kosice DC in Slovakia to over 300 employees (compared to just 40 employees two years ago) and the start of a new DC in Poland and maybe also in Bulgaria.

NATEK operates on a very competitive market, how do you manage to maintain growth and what makes your company stand out?

We constantly work to offer our customers an increasingly efficient organization, new technology and a way to help them develop their business. Our employees and customers, world leaders in their industry, are our main assets to continue to grow and maintain the competitive edge.

What is your approach to motivating and developing talent this year?  Are you introducing any changes in that sector?

We service leaders in their respective industries because we want to offer our employees the most interesting projects in the best of breed of technology. This can be achieved by our recent development in the bank industry by the signing two major new accounts and the new projects signed by our DC in Slovakia. We are constantly working on bringing new opportunities to our consultants.

Your employees are in high demand on the market – what are your ways to keep them loyal to NATEK?

In this competitive environment, we offer job rotation, education, and career development by taking part in new projects. Our HR department makes sure that our salary range and benefits are competitive on the market. Last but not least… the most important is to keep this level of fun to work in NATEK.

The biggest challenge for the IT business for the upcoming years is IT security. How will you adapt your business to face this thread?

We protect the data of our employees and we keep enhancing the security systems. IT security is also a huge opportunity for business development for our team working in the area of networking.

Another ‘talk of the town’ for tech companies is blockchain. Do you see any opportunities to use blockchain in the outsourcing and IT services industry?

I think that the combination of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, two now mature technologies, will create a tremendous opportunity for companies. This will allow creating a direct link between the producer and the final customer. This is particularly true in the banking sector – an industry where we assist our customers to use these technologies to develop their product portfolios. The subject has been polluted by the Cryptocurrency but this should be regulated in near future.

After the experiences of 2018, what would you now say to yourself 12 months ago?

I would have done the same… Globally our results were good and we can prepare for an excellent 2019. Our major branches grew by more than 50% last year and I see already that they will continue this trend this year. We need to federate all the group to this growth and move to new markets. Creating value and constant growth of our business is the way to offer all NATEK employees the best balance between success in their work and their personal life.


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