NATEK Career Stories: Reliable team and ambition – are they enough to be successful at your job? 

Author: Marta Słupecka

27 October 2022

Miroslava Racova’s journey at NATEK started over 5 years ago. She has always shown initiative in her career and never rested on her laurels. What did her beginnings in the company look like? Why did she decide to continue her career in our company and develop her skills here? What motivates her in everyday work?

We asked Miroslava a few questions about her lengthy career at NATEK to better understand what makes her so determined and successful. What advice does she have for us? Let’s find out!


What was your first position at NATEK?

I started my career here in 2017 as a Project Implementation Manager. The project concerned online privacy and security software.


Sounds like a highly responsible case. Was your daily job demanding? 

It was but I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough to show my skills. That is why I started to ask for more tasks. Once I got assigned to the topic of billing issues and billing disputes, I was finally able to say that I was facing a challenge. As a result, my supervisor and my Team Members noticed that I am up for more than just my basic duties. 


How has it helped you in the development of your career? 

After 2 years, I was offered the position of Project Coordinator. This time it was the financial industry. My job wasn’t revolving around e-mails anymore. I got the chance to schedule meetings, worked hand in hand with various specialists and I finally felt like a significant part of my team. It was a job that gave me professional fulfillment. I do not think this promotion would’ve happened if it wasn’t for my proactive attitude. I was verbal about my needs, and I wasn’t afraid of challenges.


Miroslava Racova NATEK


And what was your recruitment process for this position like? 

I have applied to various positions, just to see where my skills would be the best fit. I had interviews with Managers and SDMs from both NATEK and NATEK’s customer. In the end, we all agreed that I was the right choice for the position of Project Coordinator. I was working on this particular project for over 3 years. The project is still going but it doesn’t require as many recourses as it used to. That’s why I was offered the Project Manager Assistant position in the software development field.  This has been my position since July of this year.

What has been motivating you to stay and grow at NATEK? 

First and foremost, people. Even though I like changes and challenges, that doesn’t mean I never have any doubts or fears. During my 5-year career at NATEK, I’ve learned time and time again that the most important part of my job is communication. Whenever I’m not sure about something, I know that there are people on my team who are always ready to help me find the answers. I also feel motivated because of the general approach in the company that it’s okay not to know something if you are not afraid to ask questions and learn from your mistakes. Especially when you are new in the company or just began your work at a new position. 

What gets me going is also a sense of stability. I know when I’m getting my salary, and how to schedule my calls or apply for vacation days. So even when I switch projects, I still work at the same company with people I can rely on. We support each other’s achievements and help one another. 


Are there any other reasons for your success in the company, apart from great Teammates and a “can-do” attitude? 

At NATEK, there are always new projects and new positions coming in. I’ve wanted to climb the career ladder and I knew that if I didn’t succeed on the first try, I would have many more opportunities in the nearest future. It’s easy to set goals and achieve them when you can trust both yourself and your team. I am lucky enough to experience that every day. 


What skills are the most important in your job? 

I wouldn’t be able to work efficiently without the ability to multitask. This means immense time management skills. I don’t allow myself to procrastinate. Once I get a task, I assign it with a priority level and do it as soon as I can. Thanks to this approach, I don’t have to worry about not finishing on time or interfering with someone else’s workflow. As I’ve mentioned – a proactive attitude and cooperation are essential to succeed at NATEK. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in your career. Being open to change and challenging yourself to exceed your own and others’ expectations will lead you to achieve your goals.  However, remember to be a team player. What makes NATEK so great and motivates me to go to work every day are the people. I know that I will meet my team, have a few laughs, and get the job done. To have this kind of assurance is a great comfort.


Miroslava Racova Career NATEK


NATEK is proud to support its employees in expanding their competencies and presents countless opportunities to develop their skills in various interesting projects. Do you find Miroslava’s journey interesting? Would you like to develop your career in projects for Fortune 500 companies? Check the latest Hot Jobs at NATEK and #workITwithus! 


Marta Słupecka


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