NATEK Career Stories: Don’t be afraid of changes – that’s how you evolve 

Author: Marta Słupecka

29 March 2023

Emil Pazdic has been with NATEK for over 10 years. During this time, he managed to be a part of multiple projects run for some of the biggest companies in the oil and banking industry. Every new position came with a set of challenges, but Emil has always approached them with a positive attitude. Why should his story be an inspiration for you? And how, after so many years in the IT, he doesn’t lose his passion for the job? Read the interview below to find out! 

What brought you to NATEK?

After living in the USA for over a decade, I decided it is time to come home. I wanted to find a job in Slovakia, and just so happened that NATEK was hiring people for its newest project. New team, new place, new challenges – I was extremely excited for what the future holds. That was back in 2011. 

What was your first role at NATEK? What did you do?

My first role was as a Project Implementation Manager (PIM). I was working on a project for one of the biggest oil companies in the world. My Team’s job was to deliver a voice over Internet solutions for more than 400 company’s locations. Thanks to our UX gateways, over 150 000 employees could perform their task faster and with much ease. NATEK platform helped the Customer to save millions of dollars every year. It was an interesting and truly developing time for me. I was working with many experts who taught me about technology that I was not so familiar with back then.

What was the next step in your career development?

After working as Project Implementation Manager for two years, I moved to become the Head of a newly formed Request Desk. The position was offered to me by the NATEK Managers, and our Customer’s management welcomed this change. It was based on my performance and how well I did in the recruitment interview. 

It was an exciting challenge for me. The tasks were quite different from the previous ones. Now I was responsible for multiple projects at once. I was answering to many people and taking care of the reporting and calls. It was at the same time a very structured and unpredictable job. 

Was it demanding for you?

It was a worldwide project, and many times deadlines were tough. Sometimes the obstacles we were meeting were completely out of our control. But in the end, it was all worth it. I don’t think it would have been possible if not for the people I had pleasure working with. No matter the challenge, we always approached it as a Team. I don’t get stressed easily, and adding to it, a group of people who I could count on – there was no problem we couldn’t find a solution for. I believe that is a general approach in NATEK – that we are all a part of this company and together we can get far.

Emil Pazdic receiving an award


Where did you go from there?

My next position was Pricing and Proposal Consultant. As the project and IP telephony solutions evolved, our management was providing different solutions to the first Client I worked for at NATEK. Our cooperation lasted for more than 10 years in total, and initially it was meant to be 2 years long. But we were coming up with a new UCC, more resources were needed and thanks to my previous experience on this project, I was offered a promotion. 

How was the role of Pricing and Proposal Consultant different from the head of the Request Desk position?

I had to work closely with management, and many different entities of the project – contractors, designers. It was much more hands on with all the steps of the development, rather than just reporting. My main task was to set up the pricing of our services to the Client and get their approval to move on with the next step of the project. I definitely put my experience as a PIM into use. The project got finished in 2020. 

Was it a lengthy process to find another project for you?

At NATEK it is quite common to recruit people internally, so as soon as one of your projects starts to fade away, you are being given options for the next one. That is how I quickly moved on to the new position, where I worked for a couple of months as a Project Coordinator, and then to the job I do today. 

And what do you currently do?

I am an MCR Communication Specialist for the Client in the banking industry. Yet again, when I started in this position, it was a completely new field for me. Previously, my tasks were much more focused on the managing part. Here I get to learn the more technical side of running the project, which is an exciting thing for me. After working in one company for over 10 years, it’s great that I can still develop my skills and feel like I don’t stand in one place

Because of the Customer’s needs, not only my tasks but also my working days changed. The banking industry works from Monday till Friday, so any changes to the applications or on site must be made during the weekend. At first, it wasn’t easy to switch from the usual workweek to the new schedule, but now I got used to it.

Why did you decide to stay with NATEK for over 10 years?

Family atmosphere– that is the main thing. I have never had any conflicts. All the people I’ve had pleasure working with were friendly and open to cooperation. We are learning from each other’s experiences and facing any issues together. 

Another thing would be the possibility to work from home. It helps me in maintaining the work-life balance and focusing on the activities that develop my skills in and outside of work. 

Last but not least, thanks to changing the projects I am a part of, I get to learn new things every day. My job doesn’t feel repetitive and stagnant – it brings new challenges that help me evolve as a specialist. 

What would be your advice to people who want to be promoted?

Don’t get discouraged by your initial gaps in knowledge and or skills in the field you want to join. If you feel like there is something missing – educate yourself. Till this day, I ask questions to those who know more than me, I take part in trainings or even watch videos on YouTube that help me to better understand the subject I am working on. IT industry is a fast-developing environment. You need to keep up with the latest information in order to stay relevant. 

Most importantly, do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from doing want you want to do. Changes can be stressful and demanding, but when you build trust with your coworkers, and you believe in your own competence, you will have the career that brings you professional fulfillment. Work hard and it will pay off in the end.

Emil Pazdic Career at NATEK

At NATEK we let our employees explore the fields they are most interested in. We think that with passion for work come remarkable results. Do you find Emil’s journey inspiring? Would you like to develop your career in projects for Fortune 500 companies? Check the latest Hot Jobs at NATEK and #workITwithus! 


Marta Słupecka


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