One of the biggest projects in the history of NATEK

Author: Beata Węgrzyn

9 July 2017

One of the biggest projects in the history of NATEK is now in full swing in our Delivery Centre in Kosice, Slovakia. 

After several weeks of negotiations and preparation for the transition plan, we now agreed with our partner in the region to launch what we call a ‘Disconnection project’, which also translates into 78 NATEK employees to run it. Within the Disconnection project, NATEK will manage the disconnection of network services and cooperate closely with account teams as well as international specialists. 

The ramp up of the team in NATEK’s Delivery Center has to be established within the next 3 months, starting already 1st of May 2017. 

We are pleased to announced that along with the newly created Disconnection Project, the Delivery Centre is reaching close to 160 employees on board. Certainly a big step in the development of our business as well as a milestone for setting more NATEK signed Delivery Centres in the CEE region.


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