Most popular programming languages and how do they affect your everyday life

Author: Justyna Adamiak

26 April 2021

As the second quarter of the year began, the software quality company Tiobe has done its usual Programming Community index for the most popular languages. This time, in April, the old stager, Objective- C, slipped out of the top 20. It has been slowly losing popularity under the death sentence executed by Apple in 2014 when Swift took the place of Objective-C. Top 5 languages keep their positions from the beginning of 2021. C language strikes back Java (11.23%) and still after one year holds first place with a rating of 14.32%. Python sticks to third place with 11.03%, 4th and 5th belong to C++ (7.14%) and C# (4.91%) respectively.

Why are these languages so popular? And which industries are using those technologies? Let’s find out. 

The world is powered by C programming

Even though there are higher-level languages, C continues to empower the world. Many of the C projects start to exist decades ago. It appeared in the UNIX operating system, where the need of moving the UNIX kernel code from assembly emerged. Then, in 1969, the Oracle database development started and after that, Windows 1.0 was released. During the pandemic and urgent need of medical and health systems, C is experiencing a massive interest. We are forced to use operating systems, whether they are desktop or mobile, but in all kinds of software, the usage of databases is also essential. This is why C has such a giant utilization: the databases are the base for all kinds of systems, especially the biggest ones, such as financial, security, and transport. Those three areas are covered by NATEK and are nearly 86% percent of our projects with C. 

Is Java losing popularity?

Isn’t that surprising, that Java stays in second place for a year? Its future is on the wane-mainly because of its security issues and lack of frequent updates – that is the voice of experts. But let’s agree, can a language with a presence on a minimum of 5,5 billion devices just vanish? That’s not very likely.

Java is not dying, it’s still in massive use. Thanks to its impressive server-side and dynamic infrastructure, it can be integrated with the mainframes and all other kinds of devices. Thus, there are still existing Java projects, new businesses starting their journey with it, or switching from another language. The web development and handheld devices market is doing very well, so do our Java Developer teams ready to take up new projects.



The incredible growth of Python

Python remains the third most popular language behind C and Java. On the other hand, it’s the most popular language to learn according to Stack Overflow’s most visited tags and the fastest-growing ones. Python is accessible by design, making it the fastest language in therms the speed of development. The user-friendly environment in the hands of the development teams means less time spending on struggling with the tools and more on the actual building. It can be seen in automation cases, such as cloud automation with Ansible and the virtualisation ones, where every fifth of our Python projects are dedicated to it.

An old stager keeps up with the top 5 

A 35-year-old programming language C++ is undergoing a revival and is persuaded as the fastest-growing programming language of any right now. Its latest version was standardized in December 2020 and from that day, its commerciality boosted. The two key features coming to C++ 20 are “modules” and “coroutines”.

Paul Jansen, the CEO of Tiobe Software, claims that the new modules feature is going to replace the dreadful include mechanism. Where advanced computations, applications requiring real-time physical simulations, and projects with high-speed requirements are needed, the C++ steps in. These conditions are perfect for telecommunication, and 5G network in particular. In NATEK, more than 18% percent of projects with C++ are within the telecommunication industry. The most sought-after Telco companies, such as T-Mobile and AT&T, are benefitting from our services.

C# closes the top rank

Favored by millions for its versatility and easy-to-read syntax, the C# programming language has quickly become a go-to for web and mobile apps, business applications for banking, and more. Despite it’s in 5th place, C# developers are still in high demand and there is no shortage of C# developers’ jobs and projects. Thankfully to Microsoft platforms and their solutions to a companies’ digital transformation the relevant engineers can be hard to find. Fortunately, here we are with our highly experienced .NET developers, who are working for banking, and web applications equipped with the knowledge and tools to take up new projects. 

These are the languages used commonly in our everyday operations, from which our business partners can benefit significantly. Learn more about our services and follow us on our social media to keep updated about our latest projects.


Justyna Adamiak


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