Keeping up with the changes – HR challenges and solutions in 2019

Author: Anna Dyda

2 October 2019

The way HR works have changed in the recent years. Due to transformation in society, culture and technology, HR teams everywhere face now completely different challenges.

In NATEK we are very much aware of the changes in business. To meet the demands of the digitally-driven and fast-paced environment, also the HR departments have to evolve.

HR conferences, like “HR Solutions”, organized in Warsaw by Wolters Kluwer, provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, build business relationships and get to know new technologies dedicated for HR. That’s why, this time Jolanta Seremak, Katarzyna Barszcz, Witold Tatara and Joanna Sakowicz, representatives of HR Department at NATEK, attended the conference.

HR Challenges in 2019

With low unemployment rate and more and more global companies coming to CEE, employers are having an increasing difficult time finding people with the right skills.

Attracting the best talents and then maintaining their commitment and developing their skills are currently one of the biggest challenges faced by employers.

Apart from designing the employee’s life cycle, the employer needs to choose solutions that match the organization. Which ones are worth to be implemented in the organization? It was one of the topics discussed during the conference.

A very inspiring approach was presented by Major Rocco A. Spencer, former US Army soldier who currently provides unique trainings related to leadership and communication skills. Major, who is a very charismatic speaker, drew the participants’ attention by presenting the similarities between military and business. Success in both “worlds” depends on having a clear mission, which employees follow and feel ownership for. His 20 years of military experience helped him to understand that only an integration of diversified skills can lead to a successful organization.

In NATEK we know that the way to go is to embrace the change. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new ideas helpful to create an even better working environment.

Written by: Joanna Sakowicz, NATEK Junior HR Business Partner




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