Windows Server Administrator

Information about the offer
  • Type of employment: b/d
  • Offer ID: PL2101
  • Category: Windows
  • Place: Krakow Ostrava , Czech Republic
  • Minimal level of education:: b/d
  • Minimal experience: Between 2 and 5 years


On this position, you will be responsible for providing management of the IT infrastructure within an organization. This infrastructure includes the physical network (e.g., WAN/LAN, servers, terminals) as well as server applications and software. Responsible for the configuration, maintenance and installation of server applications and hardware.


- Dealing with a broad range of issues within the area. Tasks are quite straightforward with some complexity.
- Can solve complex problems and has a good knowledge about different areas of IT (e.g. server, server applications, networks and peripheral devices).
- Anticipates customer needs and discovers alternative solutions.
- Can recommend solutions within own discipline
- Planning of own work is made on mid-term period or for shorter period.


- Has established knowledge of e.g. servers/networks, and server/network administration. Understands and can do basic network device configurations.
- Preferably Blade Logic (BSA) and True Sight experience.
- Shares knowledge within own area of expertise. Analyses and improves current ways of working. Is able to explain and present complex solutions.
- Has cross-technical competence basis to support analyses. Can suggest new solutions and improve existing systems. Is able to plan systems according to business requirements.