Technical Implementation Support

Information about the offer
  • Type of employment: b/d
  • Offer ID: PL2090
  • Category: Trainer Consultant
  • Place: Warsaw Wroclaw , Poland
  • Minimal level of education:: b/d
  • Minimal experience: Between 2 and 5 years


We operate in multinational and multi-culture environment giving the possibility to interact with stakeholders located globally. Wrocław team is composed of junior and senior members working in flexible arrangements within given projects.


- Troubleshooting and maintenance of the solutions delivered onto production systems by implementation team.
- Close cooperation with development and production support team on issue resolution that includes root cause analysis, defects correction and patch installation.
- Development of the extensions to the existing data load and analysis automated processes
- Participation in solution deployment
- Participation in testing process including UAT support.
- Opportunity to contribute to creation of technical standards and procedures.
- Opportunity to expand responsibility towards implementation consultant / development role.


1.Practical experience with Oracle PL/SQL and data processing applications focused on data manipulations with any given technology. Expertise in ETL processes design and implementation, data lifecycle management, maintenance of batch loading processes based on flat files or any other technique.