Senior Java Developer


We are looking for an experienced Senior Java Developer. You will be a member of the team involved in work on market risk system which produces high quality risk-related market risk timeseries data that is versioned in order to guarantee time-data consistency for downstream systems which are responsible for market-dependent risk valuations/methodologies.If you would like to work in an international team in the financial sector, join us and take a role of: Senior Java Developer


  • Writes high quality Object-Oriented and computationally efficient code

  • Performs meticulous and valuable code reviews for the other team peers

  • Mentoring for the younger and less experienced members of the team (the primary point of contact in case of technical issues)

  • Ability to prepare a technical design for the bigger functionality / project and break it down into manageable tasks

  • Ability to coordinate effectively the work of the other team members


  • Min 4 years of experience

  • Proficiency in Java and the following technologies: Spring (or any other DI framework), Hibernate (or any other ORM framework), JMS (or any other messaging system)

  • Substantial experience with application servers (e.g. Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere etc.)

  • The sense of craftsmanship and attention to details (always performs the end-to-end, integration, unit and performance tests, is responsible for her / his code and functionality; always striving to complete the tasks given according to the best industry standards)

  • English language skills (to the level of being able to easily discuss complex technical issues and defend her / his own point of view)


Negotiable depending on candidate's seniority

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