Senior AI/ML Engineer

Information about the offer
  • Type of Employment: B2B
  • Offer ID: PL2733
  • Category: Software Developer
  • Place: Warsaw, Poland
  • Minimal level of education: University Education (Master, Engineer, etc.)
  • Minimal experience: Between 2 and 5 years


This is an opportunity to work with a global consulting firm delivering IT, HR, finance, project management, and strategic business services to clients all over the world. People who are passionate about their job and have amazing skills in their area (familiarity with machine learning and deep learning libraries such as Tensorflow, MXNet, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Theano, Caffe and other open source libraries; prior experience in natural language processing, information extraction and text analytics using deep learning and/or machine learning technique).


The responsibility for this role is to customize and implement solutions centered around Artificial Intelligence technologies - specifically natural language processing and information extraction. You will support AI solution development tasks, provide feedback to the AI lab researchers.


•Master degree in computer science, engineering, statistics/mathematics or a related field
•4 + years of experience in the field
•Stay up to date on the latest trends & technologies in AI/ML on the market
•Programming experience in one or more of Python, R, Scala
•Machine learning domain knowledge—bias-variance tradeoff, exploration/exploitation—and understanding of various model families, including neural net, decision trees, Bayesian models, instance-based learning, association learning, and deep learning algorithms
•Experience in the lifecycle of enterprise-class software development
•Excellent communication skills
•Good command of English