DevOps Engineer

Information about the offer
  • Offer ID: SK2307
  • Category: System Administrator
  • Place: Kosice , Slovakia
  • Minimal level of education:
  • Minimal experience: Undergraduate University Education (Bc., etc)


As a part of international team, you will provide technical solution support and guidance to delivery and customer accounts for which security static and dynamic analytic technologies are implemented: troubleshoot and resolve issues reported, execute tool security change requests, consultancy.

Salary: Minimum 1700 EUR Gross/ month, depending on seniority

The law requires to inform about the minimum salary for all advertised roles. In case of your successful candidacy we will consider all aspects of your experience, skills competencies and qualification when defining final offer. We consider situation within labour market and provide competitive salaries to our employees.


- Implement analytic technologies as part of Security deal transformations - be an expert and main point of contact for the solutions implemented
- Perform root cause analysis and problem resolution for issues during tool implementation
- Proactively and reactively provide solutions to prevent problems from occurring in area of responsibility
- Identify potential escalations and alert management
- Implement, and verify changes/solutions of moderate complexity to meet customers' infrastructure needs
- Apply patches and security changes per policy
- Assist delivery organizations to remediate non-compliance code security findings
- Provide continual improvement recommendations/direction setting advice within work team


- Effective communication: verbal and written
- Customer oriented
- Self-motivated, willing to take initiative, make decisions when needed
- Willingness to learn
- Active participation in design, deployment, documentation, troubleshooting and follow up
- Familiar with how to create applications, scans and policies in a Code Scanning tool
- Familiar with concept of application security
- Some experience with Integrated Development Environments (Eclipse)
- Knowledge of how to use REST APIs
- API knowledge in general – How to call REST APIs, http request and responses, http status codes
- Bash scripting and Java knowledge (for integrating compliance solutions)
- Software administrator/security administrator experience with UNIX/Linux/Win servers
- Understanding of what a network is and does, basic understanding of routing
- Knowledge of compliance management processes
- Knowledge of Security Policies, ITIL
- Scripting: Bash, VB, Shell
- Ability to develop documentation and training materials


Negotiable depending on candidate's seniority