DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a seasoned DevOps expert to support our web portal for government.


Your responsibilities

- Monitoring and troubleshooting health of environments via Datadog

- Kubernetes management (using kubectl, helm, and eksctl)

- Monitor and support deployment workflow (Jenkins, k8ctl-server, Github, Circleci, Dockerhub, Artifactory)

- Help developers troubleshoot application operations issues.

- Perform patches and upgrades for operations services.

- Help ensure security standards conformance.

- Requires good bash skills

Our requirements

- AWS services (ASG, EBS, EC2, EFS, EIP, CloudFront, IAM, Security groups, Parameter store)

- Terraform scripting and AWS cloud formation.

- Kubernetes and docker (EKS, launch templates, launch configuration)

- Networking (VPCs, ALB/ELB , openvpn, opendns, Route53, WAF, Shield)

- DB/Cache/Storage (RDS, Oracle, MySql, ElasticCache, Redis, S3, Glacier)


Other desired skills:

- Additional AWS services (Lambda, SES, SNS, SQS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Dynamo, ECS, Elastic BeanStalk)

- Apache proxy management

- Traefik ingress management

- Languages (Golang, Python, Java, Javascript/Node)

- Slack API

- Drupal and PHP (to help support our CMS system)

Future needs may include:

- AppMesh

- Fargate 

 - X-ray

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