IT Team Management conference. Get to know NATEK speaker!

Author: Anna Dyda

27 January 2021

We’re still online, but it doesn’t stop us from participating in IT community events and sharing our expertise. A few days ago, we mentioned that NATEK would be a part of the IT Team Management conference. Now the time came to announce our speaker! 

Wojciech Paczek – our IT Project Manager and Service Delivery Manager, as well as an avid fan of triathlon will talk about IT Project Management and…triathlon and explain what these two seemingly unrelated disciplines have in common. If you are interested to know that, join Wojciech’s “IT Project Manager – triathlete or sprinter?” presentation.

The conference will take place on February 10-11, 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity and join now:



Are you interested in IT Team Management? Did you attend the 2020 edition of #ZarzadzaniezespolamiIT? Last year our Head of HR and Recruitment Joanna Pejo talked about TAaaS and the famous Pink Unicorn.


Anna Dyda


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