IT Solutions for HR of the new era

Author: Anna Dyda

14 March 2022

How challenging did it become to manage personnel? While the rise of remote work brought a myriad of positives, new issues have appeared. Employees have adapted to the new situation and now they are expecting HR processes to adjust to the digital transformation, offering them efficient performance in digital workplace and new IT solutions for the new era of HR. These changes affect employers and business in several ways and result in the growing role of IT in the HR departments.  


As our clients observe these challenges in managing their HR processes, technology can be just the right answer. Change in the use of IT systems by employees, due to performing work remotely determined the need to support the maximum number of processes by IT systems.  

Making life easy for employees and employers  

While work from anywhere focuses on owning results, it requires decentralization of many tasks and introducing self-service functionalities to HR systems. 

Companies use HR cloud solutions to make everyday task easy for employees, like submitting requests or managing reports. The number of processes handled by personnel via IT systems is increasing. However, all the self-service applications and tools must be user-friendly and available on all devices. New generations of employees simply expect great user experience when using company’s tools.  Also core HR and Payroll process and talent management solutions must be simple, streamlined and adaptable to changing business needs. 

Thanks to SAP solutions, which we implement and maintain, applying for and acceptance of absences, allowing for and accepting applications of various types, including requests for trainings, company social benefits, business trips can be done by employees themselves. At the same time, SAP Fiori places user experience and work ergonomics on the top of the priority list.  

Think globally, act locally 

Our customers, large, international companies, need their processes to be both automated and adjusted to local markets and labor codes. They must now also manage diverse regulations regarding safe return to work as well as vaccination status.  Labor policies and tax regulations are also changing, like  currently in Poland. That means that HR processes are not only time consuming, but also critical.  

What does it mean? Enterprises cannot implement a one-fit-all solution for their SAP HCM systems. That is true for the areas of Human Resources-PA, Payroll-PY, Working Time -TM / PT, Organizational Structure – OM, Business Travel – TRV, Reporting, Portal Employee Self-Service – EP (ESS / MSS), SAP Gateway (Fiori). They need  country-specific solutions. We know that building a global portal is only the first part of the solution. Especially now, it must automatically manage regulations and intricacies based on employees’ locations. Thanks to our international position and local teams with knowledge of HR regulations we do not only build such global solution but also provide localized services in Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


NATEK specialists are already succesfully working with our partners to adjust their SAP HCM systems to their new requirement.

To know how we can support your organization, contact directly our SAP Business Director Iwona Kubisiak (  She specializes in SAP consulting and Managed Services projects. She is responsible for building solutions for clients and managing the organization of sales and deliveries. 


Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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