IT Recruiter – is it THE career path for you?

Author: Marta Słupecka

26 September 2022

IT Recruiters are an essential part of the NATEK Team. It is thanks to them that we are able to fill our company with qualified specialists responsible for delivering high-quality services to our Clients and continue our market growth. That is why people in this position need to have a specific set of skills. What requirements do you need to meet in order to join our Recruitment Team? What are the everyday responsibilities? And how to start a career in IT Recruitment, if you lack the necessary experience? Who to better answer those questions than our IT Recruiters themselves? Let them give you some useful tips. 

What are the responsibilities of the IT Recruiter? 

On a daily basis, the IT Recruiter at NATEK is responsible for all activities related to the process of recruiting a candidate. It starts with identifying, attracting, and selecting specialists and continues with negotiating terms, submitting cooperation offers, and providing feedback. It’s the person who stays in touch with the candidate and the client to make sure that both sides are going to be satisfied with the results. Thanks to communication with potential future employees and interviewing them, they are building long-lasting cooperation by establishing trust and forming a partnership. 

And finally, IT Recruiters work closely with IT Researchers, who help them find the most suitable candidates, willing to begin the cooperation with NATEK. Many of our IT Recruiters started their career at NATEK from the IT Researcher position, gradually gaining more experience and getting promotions. 

For more information about the IT Researcher position, and how to start your adventure with recruitment in IT, read our article: How to start your career in recruitment? 

What are the requirements to become an IT Recruiter? 

Working in recruitment means working with people. As such requires a particular set of skills that will enable our employees to work effectively. Of course, the basic ones are those connected to communication. They are necessary during the extensive candidate screening process and maintaining good relations with our clients. Without speaking clearly and listening carefully, no recruitment process will be successful. Therefore, interpersonal skills are a must. But that’s not all. 

An IT Recruiter has to not only possess a good understanding of recruitment strategies but also have the ability to implement them. In order to do this, they need to show attention to detail and own an analytical mind. They stay up to date with the latest information in the IT environment in order to foresee upcoming trends and changes and react to them accordingly. 

To move forward with upcoming tasks organizational skills come in handy. You need to be able to prioritize assignments and stick to the established deadlines. Thanks to that you won’t fall behind on your responsibilities.  

What character traits should IT Recruiters have?

Simona Vapordgian Profile Picture


„For me, one of the most important attributes that an IT Recruiter should have, are out-of-the-box thinking and staying motivated in the pursuit of knowledge and improvement.” – Simona Vapordgian, NATEK Junior IT Recruiter


Natalia Grzegorzewska Profile Picture


„A great IT Recruiter has a willingness to understand other people and the ability to build relationships with them. These are the foundations on which technical skills can be developed.” – Natalia Grzegorzewska, NATEK Senior IT Recruiter



Every IT Recruiter at NATEK has their own personal style of going through the recruitment process. But they all share common characteristics that help them in achieving their goals. A positive attitude, openness to other people, patience, and an approachable demeanor. That’s what makes it easier to gain trust and not give up even in the most challenging cases. It’s also crucial to learn from each situation to constantly improve one’s skills 

What are the biggest challenges in the IT Recruiter job? 

The toughest part of IT recruitment is the specificity of the IT industry and the time needed to recruit the proper candidate. It’s not an easy task to pin down the ideal specialist in the market where the demand is constantly growing but there is a shortage of qualified employees. Staying motivated despite obstacles and keeping an open mind to upcoming opportunities are keys to coming up with new strategies and maintaining your effectiveness. After all, the longer you wait, and the harder you need to work, the more satisfying it is when contracts get signed. 

Simona Vapordgian Profile Picture


„It is very important to continue to do what you are doing, trying to change the approach and staying open-minded.”



Judit Galceran Profile Picture


„The IT market is very dynamic, and you need to be able to keep up.” – Judit Galceran, NATEK Junior IT Recruiter, who started her career at our company as an IT Reasercher



What do IT Recruiters like the most about their job? 

Natalia Grzegorzewska Profile Picture


„I am currently working with great professionals at NATEK, and I am having the benefit to learn from them, which is very motivating and improves my overall performance.”



Each of our IT Recruiters takes great pleasure in interacting with various people with whom they can exchange knowledge and ideas. Working at NATEK means connecting with specialists from all over the world. They can always count on the support of their team members, regardless of the department. Our Recruiters feel the impact they have on so many careers. It brings them joy to see the positive outcome of their hard work. That’s what keeps them motivated and eager to aim for better results.  

IT recruitment career at NATEK 

Our IT Recruiters come from different backgrounds, but they share a passion for HR, recruitment, and IT. Some of them have higher education in these fields, others found their calling after joining NATEK. Would our interviewees recommend this job to others? 

Natalia Grzegorzewska Profile Picture


„Definitely yes. If you are interested in recruiting, you like people, and working on goals motivates you, NATEK is the perfect place for personal development.”



Simona Vapordgian Profile Picture


„Everybody should pursue their interests and at NATEK we are happy to support you by providing flexibility and mentorship on your way.”



Mateusz Cieślewicz Profile Picture


Is working in IT recruitment THE career path for you? The decision is yours to make.

But if the answer is YES, NATEK may be the perfect place for you! Contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist Mateusz Cieslewicz at or apply directly here Careers


Marta Słupecka


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