IT Professionals wanted: companies are hiring, and the supply is still too low

Author: Justyna Adamiak

20 December 2021

Thanks to the recent explosion of digital-first ways of doing the business, demand for IT Professionals does not fall at all. In fact, by 2023 there will be 60 millions of workers. 8 more million of additional hires will be needed by the companies globally to offset retirements and workforce separations. Get preparefor the next years and dive into our 2021 summary of most frequent job openings at NATEK. 

Top 3 IT roles in 2021

The most wanted roles do not totally change. Although the pandemic has revolutionized the perception in digitalisation, some of the positions stay at the top no matter the current economic situation. Let’s see which tech positions were the most frequent this year.
In NATEK, the top 3 of 2021 are: 

  1. Back-End Developers  
  2. Front-End Developers
  3. Data Engineers 

Demand for IT specialists

NATEK forecast for 2022 assumes 5%-6% growth in demand for IT Professionals each within Data Science, DevOps and Cloud roles on higher positions. 

Why is Back-End needed? 

Every part of the stack evolved in recent years. For example: Node.js enabled JavaScript Developers to dive into the Back-End and build their own servers. Furthermore, cloud providers supply us with new servers with just a few minutes’ notice, Infrastructure as a Code came along and serverless makes IT easier for non-tech people. But still, there are extremely important tasks which Back-End Devs take care of. Hosting, privacy and security, integration, payments… The systems aren’t stand alone. If you need support for your organization, we are happy to share our expertise in those areas with our highly-specialized Software Engineers. Banking, telecommunication, medical industry-we have experienced it all and many more! 
If you are a candidate and haven’t chosen your favorite area of Back-End yet, get inspired by these projects: Back-End job openings

Front-End Development – important or not? 

It takes 0.05 seconds for an average user to form an opinion of a B2B company by looking at their website*. Hence, the programming and layout with design, functionality, and navigation experience play a vital role in the site. It drives performance, aligns business intent, optimizes navigation and leads to a higher traffic and conversion. Picking the right technology is certainly the most engaging choice of a project… and guess what! We have a few technologies to choose from: Front-End careers.

*According to Lingaard, Fernandes, Dudek & Brown research (2018)

The role of Data Engineering

Huge amounts of data surrounds us in day-to-day life. Data Engineering converts Data Science more productive. If there is no such field, we have to spend more time preparing data analysis to solve complex business problems. So, Data Engineering requires a complete understanding of technologies, tools, faster execution of complex datasets with reliability. 

According to IDC, the amount of data created by 2024 is expected to exceed that generated in the past 30 years. Thus, the Big Data is one of the most sought-after titles. 
To find out the possibilities of working with NATEK to expand your tech capabilities, just drop us a line or apply here.

IT Professionals see broader opportunities 

For IT professionals career options are more promising than ever. Before the pandemic, a dual approach to building the business upon information technologies was seen.  The conservative way was to ensure that infrastructure and applications are in place to support usual business activities. Whereas the strategic way was using the cutting-edge technologies, incorporating latest solutions as a critical component of achieving objectives. Thus, the ICT Specialists can be sure that the demand for tech skills will slightly increase in the near decades. The necessity to address the immediate concerns (such as digitalization during pandemic) and adoption of latest science accomplishments gives IT pros certainty, that the demand for them will not change anytime soon.

Looking deeper at skills, the IT workforce keeps evolving from a heavy focus on infrastructure and generalists into a diverse world of specialists spread across various disciplines.

Disproportion between the demand for IT Professinals and employees supply is enormous. NATEK can help you with filling your open vacancies: understanding of core business needs of our Partners while delivering high-quality services are the things, we pay much attention to. 

Interested in an experienced vendor or want to take your career to another level? Browse through our IT solutions or apply directly via NATEK careers page.  



Justyna Adamiak


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