How are IT companies dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak?

Author: Anna Dyda

Business never sleeps; however, 2020 will get into the records as the year of sleeping businesses. Due to Covid-19 and all of the restrictions, most of the companies had to close their doors and protect their employees and customers.

Do the IT companies sleep too? Our Junior Marketing Specialist Viktor Mitruk asked an Pavol Mirossay, executive director at Kosice IT Valley a few questions about the current situation in IT community and advantages of this fastly growing sector.

Read the interview with the Executive Director at Kosice IT Valley or listen to the NATEK Podcast Talk IT with Us.

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Situation of IT Companies

NATEK: Last week you had a call with the CEOs of IT companies in the region. What is the situation in IT companies?

Pavol Mirossay: The situation is fine. At the moment, 95% of the employees work from home, which is a massive advantage of the IT Community. Fortunately, there is no decrease in the business despite that companies are very cautious about the future as they do not know what will be the situation in two or three months.
The statistics of the telecom companies show more than 30% increase in network traffic, which is caused by the fact that most of the people work from home. There is also an increasing number in the e-commerce part of the IT-sphere since people are not able to go shopping regularly, so they use the E-shops instead.

We hear that the majority of companies (NATEK included) are taking care of their employees by giving them HO. You have also mentioned that 95% of the employees work from home. Does it work? What are your experiences with HO?

Home office used to be a benefit. In this time it is a standard for the majority of the companies.
As they say 100 people 100 opinions. For some people, it is challenging to work from home, especially people with families might find it extremely difficult. There are countless ways how to overcome a lack of performance or how to efficiently organised your day if you work from home. Exercise or scheduling your day as you are in the office are some of the tips that could help you with better performance during the home office period.

Do you have some tips from the CEO’s that you could share with us?

I was delighted that over 20 CEO’s has joined the call. The primary purpose of the call was to discuss the situation in each company and their attitude towards these circumstances.

The CEO’s are very vigilant on giving tips, especially business tips. What we all agreed is that we hope that this period won’t last long. However, we know that this is a global issue and nobody expects it to be gone in one or two months.

NATEK is an international company, and we have employees in various cities, so the remote work or digital communication is nothing new to us. Is this experience changing also the operations of smaller or more centralised companies?

I think this situation is affecting every company in the IT business. The positive side of this experience is that we realise how much can be done remotely. That most of the meetings can be done by the telepresence. I think this experience will affect business trips which I believe will decrease. It does not matter whether it is a small or big company they all are supporting companies all around the world.

Do you think the companies will change the way they operate and for example, implement solutions like Unified Communications and Collaboration or as many know it UCC?

This situation will change business. It will be more productive, and as I mentioned, we will not travel as much as we used to, especially in the IT companies. People who love to travel might not see it as a good change; however, from the family and environment point of view, it is a reasonable adjustment.

What are the best practices, services and tools to use?

Lots of company use Zoom as a teleconference tool, Webex, Sisco, Microsoft teams, Skype for Business, Google talk etc. These are the essential requirements if you want to work remotely as you have to have a way to communicate with your colleagues. The other important thing is to move everything to the cloud, but from the perspective of IT, it should not be a problem.

You are a developer yourself (you used to be). Do developers see any difference in the work style now?

There is a joke that there is no change for developers because most of them are introverts, so the quarantine is not so bad for them. They need to stay at home, work with the computer, play video games and watch NETFLIX so from this point of view there is no difference in the work style 😀 But if there is someone who likes social environment they might find it very difficult.

Did the coronavirus outbreak affect IT Valley?

Yes, when we compare the statistics from the last year and this year, we can see a few differences. In 2019 we organised 26 events, in contrast, this year we had to cancel March events, and most certainly we will cancel all of the events in April. It will have a significant impact on our 2020 numbers. Because of the situation, businesses will be more conservatives in terms of the projects. They will keep the current plans, but they will be more conservatives with the new projects.

Thank you very much and stay safe.

Author: Viktor Mitruk

Pavol Mirossay
is a former developer and marketer he has experiences with programming and project management. He is a founder of a company (EVENTINO) which organizes childrens’ camps. In IT community he is known as an Executive Director at Kosice IT Valley.

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