We’re passing exciting news regarding our Krakow branch

Author: Beata Węgrzyn

30 September 2017

We’re passing exciting news regarding our Krakow branch – let us welcome back Bernadetta Cisowska, who is returning from her maternity leave. 

Beta has just been promoted to Business Unit Manager for Krakow. 

Beta’s promotion is tightly related to NATEK’s new, targeted organisational alignment that we are heading for, and is focused on our business and structural growth. Gradually, the business growth will be triggering full and complete Business Unit structure and representation set up in each NATEK location. 

In her role, Beta will be closely cooperating with Sourcing, Sales and Service Delivery organisation in terms of both developing the business with our current clients as well as actively searching for new opportunities. 

Beta has a solid and proven track record in sales environment  – for the past 4 years almost, that is since she joined, Beta has been successfully growing our business as a Key Account Manager in Krakow. Prior to NATEK, she has been developing her people management and sales skill in various leadership roles such Branch Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Market Development Manager. 


Beta will take the lead of Krakow branch as of May 29th.


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