Diversity is in our company’s DNA – Interview

Author: Anna Dyda

14 January 2021

There’s 35% of women working at NATEK, and most C-level positions are held by brilliant females. Still, it’s not always the case in the industry. Was it a strategic decision? What’s NATEK’s recipe for such diversity?

Jana Kruzliakova: We’re a relatively young company, and diversity is in our core. We don’t carry long and historic organization chains. On the management board, we’ve reached equality by having 50% female voice. It was an obvious target for NATEK from the very beginning to increase the diversity of opinions and improve our position in front of customers and employees.

In recent years, we’ve seen a trend of young talented women being very eager to take those opportunities and have their opinions heard. We believe those actions, after-all, translate to a higher ratio of women in leadership in NATEK.

Joanna Pejo: It’s natural for us to hire talents regardless of gender, nationality, or citizenship. As a consequence, diversity is part of our company’s DNA. We also strongly encourage our best talents, whether female or male, to take new responsibilities and opportunities inside the organization.



This year, some of the top trending technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Alternatives to Cloud Computing, 5G Network. What are our clients most interested in IT terms of services. What are the most sought-after skills of IT specialists? Has the 2020 pandemic outbreak changed anything?

JK: As an outsourcing provider, we see each of our clients changing their IT approach, especially this year, differently. Based on their size, industry specifics, and previous transformation programs, we see some common behaviors in seeking the technical competencies of the supplier. Those are mainly the security of their digital workplace. We also see a trend of our customers moving away from developing their software and going for SaaS solutions like Salesforce, O365 package, or SAP S/4 Hana, which gives them the immediate availability and scalability for their particulars needs as they change. Those are precisely the areas where we, as an outsourcing partner, focus on providing expertise.


 Jana Kruzliakova, Head of Business Development & Joanna Pejo, Head of HR and Recruitment at NATEK  


NATEK has been on the market since 2004 and has undergone steady growth, but where do you see the company in the future?

JK: This year has shown us how important it is to stay agile, adjust our position to new realities, and prepare for different customer behavior in the upcoming years. Yet, I believe that the IT industry will come out of the crisis as a potential winner. Nowadays, many companies accelerate their transformation programs and focus mainly on the digital workplace, robotization of processes, or infrastructure automation. I also see that the niche positioning of NATEK in Europe brings more projects to the CEE region as customers seek regional diversity as part of their business continuity plan. Therefore, the next years will allow us to strengthen our position on the market.

JP: For NATEK’s customers and employees, the switch to remote work wasn’t that new, as we’ve already had an environment for remote cooperation. We were happy to learn that 96% of our employees felt supported by managers. Over 80% would like to continue on the remote job at least partially after the pandemic. Nevertheless, we see that this new reality might bring fresh challenges for customers, employees, suppliers, and managers alike. We’ve strengthened projects initiated in the past and built new ones, establishing our position as the best business partner for customers and employees.

This article was published in the catalogue of Women in Tech Summit.

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Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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