Cookies policy

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small files saved into your computer when you use a particular website, which has no memory with this technology being disabled. These pieces of information usually serve as a basis for the page maintenance in order to improve the user experience. Further, they assure that the site is functioning properly (e.g. an access to your NATEK account works smoothly). Remembering your language preferences, helping you fill out forms, learning you are logged in and subsequently adjusting the site accordingly are just some of the features cookies are essential for.

What types of cookies exist?

Generally, there are two types of cookies webpages use – the session and the permanent type. The latter is saved directly into your device and for instance helps remember your login information or stops the page from logging you out after you close a tab or browser (it depends on your settings there as well). The other type is usually deleted after closing the window or browser and serves for the site to remember your movements, so that e.g. it gives you suggestions for terms you have already searched for during your visit. 

Please note: Although most web browsers enable users to adjust the use of cookies, forbidding the webpage to use them may complicate your experience on the site. With your voluntary use of our webpage, it is assumed you are familiar with the cookie files being stored and give us your permission to use them for features such as those stated above.

This Cookies Policy is effective since 1st January 2015.