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Author: Anna Dyda

2 April 2020

Communicate and work anywhere, anytime – Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions like Skype for Business have never been in more demand. Check how it can support business continuity during the coronavirus outbreak.

Skype for Business is a securely encrypted communication tool. It combines unified communications with your IP phone line, enabling easy, interactive collaboration with all company locations. To put it simply – it helps your employees communicate and work remotely in an efficient manner.

It provides efficient communication not only with employees, but also with customers, suppliers, and partners. Nowadays, when out of necessity all business travels have been reduced or cancelled Skype for Business is one of the tools which can increase the collaboration in a virtual environment

What is UCC?

UCC combines telephony, voicemail, e-mail, instant messaging, desktop-sharing, tele- and video-conferencing. Employees are able to collaborate efficiently across borders. What is usually used to enable communication between branches, sites, offices spread all over the world, is also a perfect solution for working from home. Employees can easily work remotely, see each other, share their screens, files, organize audio and video conferences for dozens of people. They can connect instantly and at all times.

Unified communication

Working with a remote team is not a problem.

NATEK Experience

Our teams of specialists have gained experience in delivering UCC solutions to top players, including number one telecommunication company in the world . What is more, the solutions we work on, we deploy in complex environments. We design and implement solutions for companies hiring over 100 000 employees. UCC is ideal for companies with multiple sites or international operations. With UCC, distance is not an issue.

Some companies  have successfully moved from standard telephony and implemented Skype for Business. They are the ones who were able to transition into this current emergency remote work mode smoothly.

The more complex environment, the bigger challenge it is to design a solution solving all issues. How does such a process of UCC implementation and deployment look like? First, we design a case taking into account all the architecture details, number of end-users, and infrastructure environment and any specific requirements our customers may have. Our team will manage the entire process. We can assist in setting up servers, create documentation, write test scenarios and execute test plans until delivery and deployment.

Comprehensive support

Secondly, we support our partners during the initial stages after deployment and we provide post-implementation support using a ticketing system.
We can also train users to assure their satisfaction and therefore ensure the success of the transition.
Finally, our specially trained teams perform testing and monitor and analyse the ongoing performance and report any problematic situations.

Do you want talk about UCC solutions with our experts from out Delivery Center in Kosice? They will create solutions which will help your company communicate and work efficiently. Read more and reach out to us here.

Read more about our services and experience we gained in the last 15 years. Click here.

Anna Dyda

Brand Marketing Manager


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